2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98
2023 Mohawk 98

2023 Mohawk 98

All Mountain On & Off Trail

Best for: Trees, Powder, Crud, Groomers

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Build time: Ship Immediately
Build time: 4-5 weeks
Build time: Ship Immediately
Build time: Ship Immediately
Build time: Ship Immediately
Ash/Aspen Core
nanoMAG Damping
19m @ 180cm
Rockered Tail
All Mountain On & Off Trail
Snow Types
Crud/Variable, Powder, Groomed, Spring Corn, Windblown
Trees, Open Runs/Trails, Bowls, Moguls, Chutes
Stiff midbody and tail, moderately stiff tip


The Mohawk 98 is built for demanding skiers that want to rail turns over variable snow types, then charge through the trees and bumps with a strong yet smeary tail.

On trail, its quick turning radius and strong edge grip lets you lay down deep arcs in hard snow. Off trail, ample tip and tail rocker allow you to float in powder and easily smear out of a turn. The Mohawk 98 rewards an aggressive skier with an energetic flex and pop from turn-to-turn. A stiff mid-body and nanoMAG damping keep the Mohawk tracking through crud and chopped up snow with ease. 

Milled 3D core pockets reduce swing-weight on this already strong yet svelte ski. Put it all together, the Mohawk 98 delivers a high performance ride anywhere on the mountain.


Mohawk 98 Best All Mountain skis side profile
Length (cm) Dimensions (mm) Turning Radius (m) Mounting Setback (cm) Weight (g/ski)
186 133-98-118
-8.0 xx2035
180 133-98-118 19-20.9
-8.0 1950
174 133-98-118
-8.0 xx1850
168 133-98-118
-8.0 xx1775
162 133-98-118
-8.0 xx1725


  • Tip and tail rocker maximize flotation in powder and bust through crud.
  • Rockered low rise tail allows you to easily maneuver in trees, but is powerful when carving.
  • 3D Milled Core Pockets reduce weight while maintaining full height sidewalls over the edges.
  • Hybrid core construction combines ash and aspen hardwoods with carbon fiber and lightweight triaxial fiberglass for weight reduction without sacrificing pop and energy.
  • Stiff overall flex affords stability at speed and energy coming out of a turn
  • nanoMAG® Damping System makes chatter on ice and choppy groomers a thing of the past.
  • Rounded mini-cap top edge with full-height UHMW sidewalls are bombproof and provide a sleek look. 

Common Questions

What length should I get?

The Mohawk 98 has tip and tail rocker. If you are between lengths, size up for a more stable ride, size down for more maneuverability. Check out our size chart for more info.

What bindings should I get?

You can use any binding on the Mohawk 98 as long as the brake width is at least 98mm wide. We run Marker Griffon bindings on our demo skis. Visit your local ski shop for bindings and mounting.

What can I customize?

Just about anything from graphics to construction! Build your own custom pair at www.skishaggys.com/products/custom-skis
See all the options at www.skishaggys.com/pages/custom-skis
Have Questions? Get a consultation

Are they tuned and waxed?

Skis come tuned with a 1° base edge bevel and a 2° side edge bevel and a slight tip/tail detune. The skis are waxed with a universal temperature wax to get you going.

Premium Materials

Laminated ash/aspen hardwood: Long grain premium white ash and aspen is hand selected and cut into full-length strips. Strips are individually flex indexed and laminated together symmetrically. Each laminated core is CNC milled to a precise thickness profile developed for each model and length.

nanoMAG® Damping System
nanoMAG® magnesium sheets are inlaid into the wood cores. The unique characteristic of this material is its ability to dissipate mechanical energy into heat, with increased capacity as the material is moved faster.

Unidirectional carbon fiber strips below the core, burly triaxial fiberglass below the core, lightweight (MidLight) triaxial fiberglass above the core, fiberglass binding mat underfoot. Rubber bonding strips placed along edges, sidewalls, and ends for rock solid bonding.

Bio-Based Epoxy
Entropy Super Sap® epoxy contains 28% bio-based content and is specifically designed for skis. It's formulated for high-strength and impact resistance, which creates a durable, tough, and lightweight composite.

Full-height UHMW - the same raw material as your base, bombproof and double chamfered for reduced swingweight. A rounded mini-cap top edge rolls over the sidewall to protect your topsheets.

Clearview gloss nylon with sublimated graphics and transparent windows to the wood core.

Base + Edge
1.4 mm CNC Knife Cut 4001 Race Grade Durasurf sintered UHMW. 2.2 mm over-sized and heat treated edges take a beating.

Why Shaggy's?

Every single pair of Shaggy’s is built at our small, family owned ski factory in Boyne City, Michigan. We source all of our materials as locally as possible and take no shortcuts during the build process, using the most modern equipment and methods to carefully craft our skis.

Cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and limitless customization are worthless if the end product isn’t built with passion. A love for skiing is a prerequisite for each and every employee at Shaggy’s. We design, prototype, and test every ski model before it’s made available to you, and that passion for skiing is clearly evident in our end product.

That exacting detail doesn’t end with your new skis; your experience as a customer is paramount to us as well. Our team is always happy to offer assistance - before, during, and after your ski purchase. Find out for yourself why we refer to our customers as the Shaggy’s Family.

Race Tuned
Tuned in house with a state of the art Wintersteiger Scout Plus, the same automated grinder used by the US Ski Team.
Precision Fit
Every ski part is CNC milled or cut and then laminated in solid aluminum tooling for a more precise fit and longer lasting performance.
Hand Selected and Flexed Hardwood Cores
Each piece of hardwood is individually flex indexed and laminated symmetrically for a better, more consistent ski core.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Height: 5’7”
Ski Length: 168
Primary Ski Area: Cascade Mountain
Let’s go girls!

These girls are everything! I’ve had my eyes on Shaggy’s for years, and was finally able to make it happen. Since I wasn’t able to demo the Mohawks or the Medoras (which I was also considering), I put my trust in the team at Shaggy’s to make recommendation. Lynn, Shari, and Jeff were so helpful! I’m so happy with how the custom graphics turned out. I have yet to ride a lift without getting compliments!

These ski excellent, even with the little snow we’ve had in Wisconsin. They’ve performed better than I expected on hard groomers, great on soft groomers, and they “floated” through the “powder” while it lasted. I can’t wait to get into some pow and trees with them! So far, they’ve checked all my boxes.

Ladies, don’t overlook these skis! I’m so glad Lynn suggested them for me. They are my girls and we have a blast!

Oh- and if you are at Cascade on a Saturday, you might luck out and see me, the donut lady, with Saturday chairlift donuts. Don’t be shy. KT Glazers are the 💣!


Height: 5’5”
Ski Length: 168
Primary Ski Area: All over
Buy some Mohawk’s, you won’t be sorry!!

These are my 3rd pair of Shaggy’s … I love them all, but the SHAGGY’S 2023 MOHAWK 98’s are my favorite! They are lightweight with virtually no chatter. Most importantly, they are fun … carve perfectly on rough and groomed! Can’t wait for many more years of skiing Shaggy’s!

Nicholas Ford
Height: 5'7"
Ski Length: 180cm
Primary Ski Area: East coast
Your next favorite ski!

As a longtime Shaggy's ambassador, I've been lucky to ski on many pairs of Shaggy's skis. I am very pleased to report that the 2023 Mohawk 98 is the perfect ski to compliment the Shaggy's lineup. This ski is predictable edge to edge, but responsive enough to still be a ton of fun. It rails turns when you want it to, but maintains just enough early rise in the tail to let you break free for those slash turns. The 98mm waist width plays well in all snow conditions, and quickly became my go to ski for almost everything this past season. Light enough to be a backcountry ski, but burly enough to withstand a season of lift accessed laps. The Mohawk 98 excelled just as well on countless east coast variable backcountry days as it did skiing off the summit of Revelstoke in knee deep pow. I've been an avid proponent for both the Ahmeek and the Phoenix models in the past, and while I don't love them any less, the Mohawk 98 currently has my heart. I'm really happy that this ski is no longer a prototype, but more so the next ski for many ripping skiers out there.

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