Reusable Face Shield with Replaceable Anti-Fog 4 mil Lens
Reusable Face Shield with Replaceable Anti-Fog 4 mil Lens
Reusable Face Shield with Replaceable Anti-Fog 4 mil Lens
Reusable Face Shield with Replaceable Anti-Fog 4 mil Lens
Face shield for use with loupe
Adjustable face shield for loupe
Face Shield Visor for loupe
Face shield with clearance for dental loupe
Reusable Face Shield for Loupe
Back view of Face shield with anti fog coating

Reusable Face Shield with Replaceable Anti-Fog 4 mil Lens

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Size chart

Get the proper length for your skiing style

Not sure what length will suit you best? Use the chart below to get in the right ballpark.

If you really want to dial in your model and/or length choice, give us a call for expert, one-on-one, advice from a skier:  (231)459-4323

Blog Post About How to Size and Select Skis

Here's a basic chart to get you started:

Ski Sizing Chart

Sizing skis is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science. There are numerous factors that all affect the optimal ski length for you. 

A few of the factors are:

  • Skier size and weight
  • Skier ability (experts size up, beginners size down)
  • Type of terrain you like
  • Where you normally ski
  • Current ski size

The list could go on and on, but if you need help with the decision, always feel free to call us at 231.459.4323, live chat, or email us!

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These extended-length shields are 9.5" tall and 15" wide. They have a foam headband and an adjustable elastic headband. 

Each set comes with 1 disposable lens per frame (for example a 10 pack includes 10 reusable frames/straps and 10 lenses).

The replaceable shield/lens material is 4 mils thick and has an anti-fog coating. The lens is disposable and additional replacement lenses can be purchased for $1.50 each. 

The frame and foam hold the shield/lens approximately 2 inches off your face for plenty of space with most loupes. The frame is injection molded polycarbonate and can be sanitized and reused. 

Made in Boyne City, MI, USA. 

We will continue to make the reusable shields for the foreseeable future. Beyond that point, we'll continue to produce the disposable lenses, so you have a reliable supply of them.

Institutional orders of 100+ units, please contact us via phone at 231-459-4323 for pricing.

These shields are non-sterile and may contain latex.


We reserve the right to cancel or limit any orders that seem unnecessary.

**We will contact you prior to canceling any orders.

Each pack comes with a visor/frame, adjustable strap, and disposable anti-fog lens. A 5-pack includes 5 visor/frames, 5 adjustable straps, and 5 disposable anti-fog lenses.

Option Reusable Visor/Foam Adjustable Strap Disposable Lens
1 Pack 1 1 1
5 Pack 5 5 5
10 Pack 10 10 10
25 Pack 25 25 25
10 Lens Only 0 0 10
50 Lens Only 0 0 50

How long will you be making shields?

We plan to make these reusable shields for the foreseeable future to provide this critical product as long as there is a need. After that point will continue to produce the replacement lenses even after scaling down on the packages, so if you already have a visor/strap you can continue to purchase more lenses.

Can I use a loupe/headlight with this shield?

Yes in most cases. The lens/shield stands about 2" off your forehead. See reviews and photos below from other customers.

How do I clean it?

Clean with soap and water. Wring out water before re-use. Discard if degradation is observed. Lenses will lose anti-fog coating with repeating cleaning, replace lenses frequently.

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Customer Reviews

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Height: 5’5”
Dental Hygienist must have!

As a Dental Hygienist working during Covid, I was looking for a face shield that would be comfortable, lightweight, but most importantly work with my loupes.

I’ve tried a couple of face shields that my work was able to acquire during these trying times, but none were as easy to use with my loupes as these were. The strap is comfortable and adjustable (my first one loosened too quickly but the second one I’ve purchased has been great!), shields are easy to replace and are lightweight, and I’m able to wear with my loupes with no issues. I’m also excited to try the thicker lenses that just came out.

Another positive is the company. They have been extremely efficient with delivery of product. I am forever grateful for that as I can work without any worry that I’m missing necessary PPE.

I will continue to order these shields and supporting this wonderful family owned business. Thank you Shaggy’s for coming through for us in the healthcare industry!

great coverage

I like that this sets farther away from the face and comes more around the sides than other face shields like it. It's great they came out with a thicker shield replacement.

Great product!

I ordered face shields from three different companies and these are the best! They are lightweight and fit perfectly over my glasses, and the best part is they are super clear. No distortion, no glare, no fogging. Exceptional product for the price! Thank you Shaggy's for coming through for the Health care industry.

Good, Room for Improvement

The design is great, but 4mil is just a bit too thin and flimsy. Also, the attachment of the headband to shield does not lock into place, and of dubious durability. I wired them together to keep them attached, but I fear they will break. The coverage, enclosed top, comfort are great.

C Deaver
Amazing!!!! RDH’s should order ASAP!

This shield is great! It’s super lightweight and it’s not too tight . Other face shields have always given me a headache in the past. It’s not super expensive, and fits my orascoptic loupes and light great! Please don’t ever stop making this product!