Crafted in Northern MI, Skied Worldwide

[col span=1/3] We are passionate about making you the happiest you’ve ever been on the snow. We are a simple family operation help from some great friends. John (the dad) is chief of production at the factory/showroom, he is a jack of all trades and can build anything. Jeff (son 2) is the product design engineer, he does the ski design work, coming up with new shapes and profiles throughout the year; he and his wife Stephanie are found in the backcountry whenever they get a chance. Jonathon (son 1) and his wife Lindy moved their other business (Outline Industries) to Boyne City and work in testing and consulting . Shari (the mom) makes sure the business actually runs, she is in charge of the office; she can even be found helping laying up skis in the factory. Without some support from some great friends who knows where we would be. Jeff’s friends from Michigan Tech are always willing to step up and get the word out (thanks Jake, Ryan, Karl, Mike, and everyone else.) We can always count on the Marshall family to help out with the softgoods, George Peet always brings people in to the shop and is a salesman extraordinaire, Margo at High Mountain Creative for the great graphics on your skis, and our loyal customers that love their skis. We would like to thank everyone who has made this dream possible; having the ability to work with our family and do what we love is awesome. Moving the factory/showroom to Boyne City has been great and the entire city has been extremely welcoming. We are your local ski company, we are Pure Michigan, and we are American Made! [/col] [col span=1/3] [team_member name="John Thompson" title="Chief of Production"  email="" img="" alt="John Thompson - Ski builder"]Our resident woodworker, he makes sure stuff actually gets done. The Boss. [/team_member] [team_member name="Shari Thompson" title="Office/Account Manager"  email="" img="" alt="Shari Thompson - Office manager at Shaggy's"]The woman that makes the wheels turn, pretty good at spreading epoxy too! [/team_member] [team_member name="Stephanie Thompson" title="Social Coordinator/Process Engineer" instagram="" email="" img="" alt="Stephanie Thompson - Social Media + Engineering master"]The social one who just happens to be a real chemical engineer, helps out at Shaggy's, and keeps Jeff in line. [/team_member] [/col] [col span=1/3] [team_member name="Jeff Thompson" title="Product Design Engineer" facebook="" twitter="" instagram="" linkedin="" email="" img="" alt="Jeff Thompson - Ski Design Engineer"]The ski designer and resident mechanical engiNerd of the operation. [/team_member] [team_member name="Jonathon Thompson" title="Manufacturing Partner" twitter="" linkedin="" email="" img="" alt="Jonathon Thompson - Partner" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-2099" ]The CNC wizard and manufacturing consultant at Shaggy's. [/team_member] [team_member name="Lindy Thompson" title="Sports Psychologist" linkedin="" email="" img="" alt="Lindy Thompson"]Keeps Jonathon in line and athletes on top of their game. [/team_member] [/col]