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2017 Phoenix 105


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The Phoenix is a Pure Carbon Fiber, all mountain friendly backcountry ski that excels in the tightest of trees, while also providing flotation in the lightest of powder. The cores are select cut Northern Michigan Poplar, wrapped with an ultra-light biaxial Carbon Fiber, and protected by swing weight friendly slanted IR ABS sidewalls. Completely updated for the 2016-2017 season!

Dimensions: 133-105-122


  • Pure Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Northern Michigan Poplar Core
  • Tail Skin Notch
  • 2.2mm Hardened Edge
  • CNC Knife Cut Base

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 136-105-122
  • Variable Turning Radius: 21.5-20-22 m @ 184 cm
  • Backcountry Tip Rocker + Tech Tail
  • Minimal Camber + Camber Pockets


The idea was to create an all mountain friendly, backcountry ski that could be used in the tightest trees, float in the lightest of powder, and bust through heavy slumped freshies.

The semi pinned tip allows the ski to maneuver through the crud and reduces the swing weight. The relatively short turning radius coupled with traditional camber underfoot provides increased edge hold on the hardpack. This ski is built with the Midwest in Mind, meaning we take into account the type of skiing you will actually be doing locally, while still being able to charge big lines.

The “tech tails” of the skis have enough rise to keep your skin hardware off the snow and a tail notch to keep your skins right where they should be. Slightly tapered tips reduce the overall swing weight of the skis by moving the widest point of the shovel back towards the binding. The tapered tips coupled with the tapered tails allow you to drift and slarve (slide carve) through soft snow with ease.

The core of the ski is select cut Northern Michigan Poplar, wrapped with an ultra-light biaxial Carbon Fiber. These are the skis that prove Michigan manufacturing is here to stay. Handcrafted in Northern Michigan, skied around the world.

For the 2016-2017 season, the Phoenix has undergone a thorough redesign. The tail width of the ski has increased in size to allow for a more positive-front seat position in the soft and variable snow. The waist has been bumped up to 105 mm underfoot to slightly increase floatation, while working in conjunction with the progressive sidecut radii. The introduction of Camber Pockets underfoot (shared with the Ahmeek line) will support you on the hardest sunbeaten snow and grip effortlessly on hardpack. 

174 CM 136-105-122 20-18-19.5 M 3.55 LB/SKI
184 CM 136-105-122 21.5-20-22 M

3.9 LB/SKI


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Sizing Chart

Sizing skis is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science. There are numerous factors that all effect the optimal ski length for you. 

A few of the factors are:

The list could go on and on, but if you need help with the decision, always feel free to call us at 231.459.4323, live chat, or email us!

Here's a basic chart based solely on height, to get you started.

Height Suggested Lengths (cm)
5' 135-155
5'2" 145-165
5'4" 150-170
5'6" 155-175
5'8" 160-180
5'10" 165-185
6' 170-190
6'2" 175-195
6'4" 180-200