2018 Tubby 120
2018 Tubby 120
2018 Tubby 120
2018 Tubby 120

2018 Tubby 120

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The Tubby is the ultimate ski for taking on that perfect deep powder day- sending it into the trees, buttering every feature on the mountain, and taking on anything you can find with its fully rockered twintip.

Originally built for park skiers transitioning to big mountain jibbing, the Tubby has successfully crossed lines. This big boy is for playing in the everywhere. A true twin, this ski can take on anything and keep giving. The rockered tip and tail keep you floating and maintain the playful nature of this ski. Goes anywhere, does anything: BIG MOUNTAIN JIB.

Tubby 120 Powder Skis Terrain Map

New for 2018

New for the 2018 season we have updated the entire Tubby shape to increase the "fun factor" as well as increasing its stability in variable snow. The tip dimension has increased 2 mm and the tail was reduced by 1 mm.  This allows the Tubby to plane up faster in powder and drive the ski into quicker turns when rolled over.

The turning radius has evolved with a progressive blend of arcs to optimize performance in mixed conditions. Underfoot, the radius varies from 20 - 19 m (@178 cm) for quick turns on hard snow and in the trees, while the end of the tip and tail sidecut feature elongated 39 m radius for endless fun on big lines. The flex has been stiffened underfoot and slightly in the fore body for stability, but the medium-soft tip has stayed the same to maintain its signature playful characteristics.

Also available for the new 2018 model is a Pure Carbon construction. We achieve a 20% weight reduction, so you'll be able to ski longer, whip them around faster, and even take them for a tour!

*Base colors are swapped between pairs, skis ship with flipped bases randomly (red into black, or black into red).

 Tech Specs

Dimensions 150-120-142 mm
Turning Radius Progressive Tip to Tail (Closest to 20 m @ 178 cm)
Construction Full Sandwich Sidewall

Standard (Ash Hardwood Core, Triaxial Fiberglass, Unidirectional Carbon Fiber)

Pure Carbon (Poplar Hardwood Core, Biaxial + Unidirectional Carbon Fiber)

Tip Rise

Powder Rocker (Starts 45 cm back @ 178 cm)



Tail Rise

Early Rise Twin Tail

Base + Edge

1.4 mm CNC Knife Cut 4001 Race Grade Durasurf Sintered UHMW
2.2 mm Hardened Edge

Topsheet Matte Finish, Sublimated Chip Resistant PBT
Tubby 120 Powder Skis Construction - Carbon Fiber, Ash Hardwood, Edge

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Height: 6'0
Ski Length: 178
Primary Ski Area: Telluride resort and BC
most fun ski ever

love these thicc sticks, literally so much fun.super soft ski with a ton of pop. i can tail butter so easily with these.

Height: 6'4"
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: Bohemia
Funnest ski ever

I'm no ski expert, but I know what I like. These are the only fat skis I've ever tried (mine are 2017 models) and they're a blast in the backcountry. I'm a big dude, 6'4" and these skis turn super easy on crud, packed pow and pow. Super solid at all backcountry worthy speeds. So glad I bought them.

Anne Gore
Great skies for women too

I've tried many skies over the years and my Tubby's are by far my favorite. This ski is fun for both play and aggressive skiing. Its only limitation is ice. Spring skiing with soft snow is where this ski has a major advantage over other skies. I have a second pair of shaggy skies - sarge 95 which I also enjoy. I bought my Sarge for those icy days, but I find myself switching skis regularly between the two because I like the variety for changing skiing conditions. We have a farm that I will use my tubbys on for back country skiing. The marker EPF touring bindings work great for this. Thank you for designing the tubby ski. It is a ton of fun, especially after you get used to them.

Seth Shuster
More Than A Specialized Ski

While the Tubby is labeled as a ski strictly for powder, don't sell them short. The full rocker tip and tail, coupled with the dimensions, allow you to blast through the fresh, but the design offers much more than just ski reserved for the best of days. Skiing the Midwest all season with multiple trips westward allowed me to ski The Tubby on almost every snow condition imaginable - from fluff, to sugar, to crud, the Tubby slashed through them all with optimal performance. Never once did I feel the edge slip during any condition - even on the most pristine of groomed runs. While it tackles various conditions with confidence, the Tubbys time to shine is on the pow days we strive for. Playful when you want em to be, and aggressive as ever when the conditions call for it. Try em out - you'll be hooked after the first lap.

Rudy Borland

These skis do it all! I've ripped em' anywhere from the mid-west crud to tight tree lines to Corbers Coulior on a pow day. One of the things I was worried about with this ski was stability at high speeds, but I was quickly proven wrong after a couple laps on these bad boys. You can effortlessly link together sharp turns when you are ripping down your favorite local groomer. The ski is very reactive and stable in your average skiing conditions unlike alot of other pow skis I have ridden.

My favorite part about these skis is how well they handle in pow. No matter how deep, you honestly feel like you are skiing on a cloud when you're on a pair of Tubbys.This ski takes skiing pow to the next level. Skiing trees is just as fun because no matter how tight the line these skis are QUICK! You bounce through the grarliest tree lines as easy as walking to your mailbox. I would for sure recomend them to anybody looking for a new pair of planks. #skishaggys

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