2020 Ahmeek 95
2020 Ahmeek 95
2020 Ahmeek 95
2020 Ahmeek 95
2020 Ahmeek 95
2020 Ahmeek 95
2020 Ahmeek 95
2020 Ahmeek 95

2020 Ahmeek 95

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The Ahmeek 95s are playful yet powerful mid-fat all mountain skis built to crush any condition at the resort. From railing groomers to busting crud and slashing in the trees, the Ahmeek 95s are ready for you. 

They're perfect for you if you want a ski with a wider waist width that is still nimble on hardpack and not a dedicated powder ski. You want to take on varying terrain and explore new parts of the mountain, but still be able to rip the groomers and crud (and ice when necessary).

The Ahmeek collection bridges the gap between aggressive freeride and playful freestyle, allowing for charging hardpack and big terrain, yet having enough flex in the tip to remain playful all over the mountain and float in the powder. Their hybrid MidLight construction, precision tuned rocker/camber profile, variable sidecut radius, and 95 mm waist make them ideal for taking on whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Just like their large counterpart (the Ahmeek 105), the 95s are powerful yet playful, light yet substantial; they'll take you where ever you want to go. Ready to shoot into the trees? Easy. Want to rip a groomer? Done. Only want to travel with one pair of skis? Grab the Ahmeek 95s and get ready to take your skiing to the next level.

Dimensions: 129-95-114

  • Early Rise Tip Rocker maximizes flotation in powder and busts through crud
  • Hybrid MidLight Construction combines Ash and Poplar hardwoods for weight reduction without sacrificing pop and energy.
  • Rounded mini-cap top edge with full height UHMW sidewalls are bombproof and look good too.

MidLight Construction

Ahmeek 105 Ski Construction - What makes skis


Laminated Ash/Poplar Hardwood: Long grain premium White Ash and Tulip Poplar is hand selected and cut into full length strips. Strips are individually flex indexed and laminated together symmetrically. Each laminated core is CNC milled to a precise thickness profile developed for each model and length.


Unidirectional Carbon Fiber strips below the core, lightweight Triaxial Fiberglass above and beneath the core, Fiberglass binding mat underfoot. Rubber bonding strips placed along edges, sidewalls, and ends for rock solid bonding.


Full height UHMW - the same raw material as your base, bombproof and double chamfered for reduced swingweight. A rounded mini-cap top edge rolls over the sidewall to protect your topsheets.


Clearview gloss Nylon with sublimated graphics and transparent windows to inside the ski. 

Base + Edge

1.4 mm CNC Knife Cut 4001 Race Grade Durasurf sintered UHMW. 2.2 mm over-sized and heat treated edges take a beating.

Ahmeek 95 Camber Rocker Profile and Ski Sidecut

Length (cm) Dimensions (mm) Turning Radius (m) Mounting Setback (cm) Weight (g/ski)
186 129-95-114 20-22.5 -7.0 x1950
180 129-95-114 20-22 -6.7 1860
174 129-95-114 18-20 -6.4 1845
168 129-95-114 17.75-19 -4.9 x1760
162 129-95-114 16-18 -4.9 x1725

Get the proper length for your skiing style

Not sure what length will suit you best? Use the chart below to get in the right ballpark.

If you really want to dial in your model and/or length choice, give us a call for expert, one-on-one, advice from a skier:  (231)459-4323

Blog Post About How to Size and Select Skis

Here's a basic chart to get you started:

Ski Sizing Chart

Sizing skis is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science. There are numerous factors that all affect the optimal ski length for you. 

A few of the factors are:

  • Skier size and weight
  • Skier ability (experts size up, beginners size down)
  • Type of terrain you like
  • Where you normally ski
  • Current ski size

The list could go on and on, but if you need help with the decision, always feel free to call us at 231.459.4323, live chat, or email us!

What snow conditions are they made for?
Ahmeek 95 Snow Type Chart

Are they right for me?
You want a ski with a wider waist width that is still nimble on hardpack and not a dedicated powder ski. You want to take on a wide variety of terrain and explore new parts of the mountain, but still be able to rip the groomers and crud (and ice when necessary).

What length should I get?
The Ahmeek 95s have early rise tips and full twin tails. If you are between lengths, size up for a more stable ride, size down for more maneuverability. Check out our size chart in the previous tab for more info.

What bindings should I get?
You can use any binding on the Ahmeek 95s as long as the brake width is at least 95mm wide. We run Marker Griffon bindings on our demo skis. Visit your local ski shop for bindings and mounting.

What can I customize? 
Graphics: Full custom topsheet graphics 
Construction: Get a consultation

What are Camber Pockets?
Camber Pockets are additional small sections of camber (about 4 in long and 0.030" tall) molded into the overall camber of the ski in front of and behind your midsole position. They increase contact pressure to improve grip on hardpack and ice. [add graphic]

Are they tuned and waxed?
Skis come tuned with a 1° base edge bevel and a 3° side edge bevel and a slight tip/tail detune. The skis are waxed with a universal temperature wax to get you going.

The Rundown

Ride Notes: Quick and light in the trees while still powerful enough to lay down trenches on corduroy.

Design Needs: quick edge-to-edge - whip around trees - rail on groomers and ice - bust chop and float on powder days

Purpose: Build a one ski quiver that doesn't make you dread the days between storms. Make a ski that is just at home on groomers and ice as it is when exploring new terrain.

Ryan Kildee - Shaggy's CNC Woodshop

Ryan Kildee
Skier Level
Snow Types
Turning Radius

Why You'll Love Them

  1. These skis are built to take on anything. From bushwhacking the backcountry to billygoating an windblown ice, the Ahmeek 95s are the skis for when compromising isn't an option.
  2. The 95 mm waist is quick edge-to-edge, agile on hardpack, and will get you up and over the crud and powder.
  3. Camber pockets molded into the overall camber maximize edgehold on hardpack. 
  4. Full twintip tails make the Ahmeeks maneuver easily in the tightest trees.
  5. MidLight construction makes the burly construction tour friendly at under 1850 grams per ski (174 cm).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Shawn Myers
Height: 5'10"
Ski Length: 174cm
Primary Ski Area: East Coast
Awesome Skis!

First season on these skis (21/22 Winter) and they rode awesome. I went from old Liberty 105s to the Ahmeek 95s and the transition was worth it. These skis are very responsive and didn't let me down. I primarily ride east coast PA/NY mountains (10 days this year) so I deal with a lot of Crud and Ice and these handled the conditions perfectly. I went to Park City for a week (rode 4 days) and rode these on the groomers/trees and 10" of pow and they tackled every condition wonderfully. The staff at Shaggy's is top tier as well. I have asked questions and they have been able to help every time. Would recommend 100x.

Jon martin

I absolutly love my ahmeek 95's! They look and feel great.

Phillip Keberlein
Height: 6 feet
Ski Length: 185
Primary Ski Area: Wisconsin / Colorado
All Mountain Rip Sticks

This season I skied 30 + days on my Shaggy’s. Conditions ranged from Midwest crud to Colorado powder and everything in between. These skis will handle anything you can put them through no questions asked. Responsive in all turn types. Stable at every speed. Strong quality construction.

Jeff and his crew do an outstanding job. You won’t be disappointed.

Glenn Reed
Height: 5’9” 160lbs
Ski Length: 168
Primary Ski Area: Northeast. Adirondacks
Smile, you’re on Shaggy’s

Just spent my first day, my birthday, on my Ahmeek 95’s. I got Marker Griffon’s mounted true mid. Ski the Adirondacks, that’s where I live. Fresh corduroy in the low to mid teens today. Cannot wait to take them to Gore next weekend. Absolutely love these skis.

John Kowal
Height: 6' 1"
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: Northern MI and Winter Park CO
All Day Smiles!

Just a crazy fun ski!! Smiles all day each time I ride them. Everyone else is spot on in their reviews that the skis do great in a variety of conditions, super stable. I am impressed most by a couple of things: 1) yes, they like mid and long turns, but stupid-easy to put into a number of turn shapes/sizes 2) I am a pretty big/heavy dude (260+Lbs)...many skis in this category I've been able to overpower. The Ahmeek holds up and delivers plenty of response when I step on them. Awesome job Shaggy's!!