2022 Belle 90
2022 Belle 90
2022 Belle 90
2022 Belle 90
2022 Belle 90
2022 Belle 90
2022 Belle 90
2022 Belle 90

2022 Belle 90

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Ash/Poplar Core
Carbon Reinforced
14.2m @ 162cm
Flat Tail
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Category All Mountain On Trail
Snow Types Groomed, Crud/Variable, Spring Corn, Powder (<6 in), Ice
Terrain Trees, Open Runs/Trails, Bowls, Moguls

Corduroy, mashed potatoes, crud, ice, powder - you name it, the women’s-specific Belle 90 can handle it. With enough backbone to provide a smooth, confidence-inspiring ride when driven aggressively, it will boost you out of carved turns with impressive energy. But this ski doesn’t demand full throttle at all times - it can handle a more relaxed, slower style just as easily. The Belle 90 is a versatile ski for intermediate to expert women who enjoy skiing a wide variety of terrain.


Belle 90 Camber and Rocker Profile - All Mountain Women's Skis

Length (cm) Dimensions (mm) Turning Radius (m) Mounting Setback (cm) Weight (g/ski)
174 133-90-114
16.25 - 17.9
-9.0 1800
168 133-90-114
15.2 - 16.7
-9.0 1750
162 133-90-114
14.2 - 15.6
-9.0 1650
156 133-90-114
13.1 - 14.4 -9.0 1560
  • Tip rocker eases turn initiation and busts through crud.
  • Flat tail with minimal rise provides pop out of turns.
  • Camber pockets molded within the overall camber triple the turn initiation contact points for maximum edge grip on hardpack.
  • Hybrid MidLight construction combines ash and poplar hardwoods with carbon fiber and triaxial fiberglass for a smooth and stable, yet energetic ride.
  • nanoMAG® Damping System makes chatter on ice and choppy groomers a thing of the past.
  • Rounded mini-cap top edge with full-height UHMW sidewalls are bombproof and provide a sleek look.
Common Questions

What length should I get?
The Belle 90 has tip rocker and a moderate flex. If you are between lengths, size up for stability at speed or size down for quicker turns. Check out our size chart for more info.

What bindings should I get?
You can use any binding on the Belle 90 as long as the brake width is at least 90 mm wide. We run Marker Squire bindings on our demo skis. Visit your local ski shop for bindings and mounting.

What can I customize?
Just about anything from graphics to construction!

Build your own custom pair at www.skishaggys.com/products/custom-skis
See all the options at www.skishaggys.com/pages/custom-skis
Have Questions? Get a consultation

What are Camber Pockets?
Camber Pockets are additional small sections of camber (about 4" long and 0.030" tall) molded into the overall camber of the ski in front of and behind your midsole position. They increase contact pressure to improve grip on hardpack and ice.

Are they tuned and waxed?
Skis come tuned with a 1° base edge bevel and a 2° side edge bevel and a slight tip/tail detune. The skis are waxed with a universal temperature wax to get you going.

Build Notes

Ride Notes: Confidence inspiring grip on the groomers and ice, but versatile enough to take on some morning powder. Easily breaks through the variable crud.

Design Needs: Strong grip on hardpack - quick edge-to-edge and stable - versatility in all snow types

Purpose: Build a rock-solid women's all mountain ski that can be used in any condition.

Stephanie Thompson - Shaggy's Skis

Stephanie Thompson

Skier Level: Advanced | Belle 90 Length: 168cm | Height: 5'7.5"

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Premium Materials


Laminated ash/poplar hardwood: Long grain premium white ash and tulip poplar are hand selected and cut into full-length strips. Strips are individually flex indexed and laminated together symmetrically. Each laminated core is CNC milled to a precise thickness profile developed for each model and length.

nanoMAG® Damping System

nanoMAG® magnesium sheets are inlaid into the wood cores. The unique characteristic of this material is its ability to dissipate mechanical energy into heat, with increased capacity as the material is moved faster.


Unidirectional carbon fiber strips below the core, triaxial fiberglass above and below the core, fiberglass binding mat underfoot. Rubber bonding strips placed along edges, sidewalls, and ends for rock solid bonding.

Bio-Based Epoxy

Entropy Super Sap® epoxy contains 28% bio-based content and is specifically designed for skis. It's formulated for high-strength and impact resistance, which creates a durable, tough, and lightweight composite.


Full-height UHMW - the same raw material as your base, bombproof and double chamfered for reduced swingweight. A rounded mini-cap top edge rolls over the sidewall to protect your topsheets.


Clearview gloss nylon with sublimated graphics and transparent windows to the wood core.

Base + Edge

1.4 mm CNC Knife Cut 4001 Race Grade Durasurf sintered UHMW. 2.2 mm over-sized and heat-treated edges take a beating.

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Why Shaggy's?

Every single pair of Shaggy’s is built at our small, wholly owned ski factory in Boyne City, Michigan. We source all of our materials as locally as possible and take no shortcuts during the build process, using the most modern equipment and methods to carefully craft our skis.

Cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and limitless customization are worthless if the end product isn’t built with passion. A love for skiing is a prerequisite for each and every employee at Shaggy’s. We design, prototype, and test every ski model before it’s made available to you, and that passion for skiing is clearly evident in our end product.

That exacting detail doesn’t end with your new skis; your experience as a customer is paramount to us as well. Our team is always happy to offer assistance - before, during, and after your ski purchase. Find out for yourself why we refer to our customers as the Shaggy’s Family.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kelly Paige
Shaggy's at Deer Valley Spring Break 2023

Belle 90's, with custom graphics, celebrate Soring Break 2023 at Deer Valley, Utah.. Mom and daughter, Kelly Paige and Morgan Nowicki.

Renee Tagliavia Harrison
Height: 5 4
Ski Length: 165
Primary Ski Area: Steamboat Co, Boyne Mt and Highland
Best Ski Ever!

I've had all big name brand skis over 4 decades. These Shaggys are GREAT! I have Bell 90s, bought July 2021. At first I was nervous that I got 90s, seemed like a lot of ski for me at first. Wrong. They are so consistent, solid and stable. From pow, hard pack to straight up icy corduroy....these babies slice through it all effortlessly. I've never had a ski that didn't flop and vibrate at high speed. Not once has my Shaggy Bell 90s vibrant at top speed. Just incredible. ❤️ them.
5.4, 110.

Height: 5’2”
Ski Length: 156 cm
Primary Ski Area: Loon Mountain, Lincoln NH

After not being on skis last year due to a severe non-ski related injury, my first time out on my 2021 Belle 90s was incredible! Very responsive, glided through variable terrain with ease, and Northeastern hardpack’ was a piece of cake! My Belle 90s make skiing in tough conditions very comfortable! Love them so much I’m already planning custom graphics for my next pair! Thanks Shaggys!!!! You all do a wonderful job!!!

Emily J
Height: 5”0’
Ski Length: 156
Primary Ski Area: Marquette mountain

I’ve owned a lot of skis and these are by far the best skis I’ve ever owned. If you are hesitating to buy them, bite the bullet and just do it! I promise you will love them.

Height: 5'5
Ski Length: 167
Primary Ski Area: boyne mountain and mount bohemia
Great on all terrain

I got the new 2018 Belles this year for my birthday and can't say enough about them. I've been riding them around the Northern Michigan and UP hills in all types of weather and snow conditions and these skis can handle anything. I took them out to Squaw Valley and Mount Bohemia for the holidays for backcountry trips with friends, and while they're not specifically backcountry skis, they were great for trees! After years of racing I wanted a ski that would hold a good edge in the super variable Michigan conditions but still be good for trees and powder out west, and I found that in the Belle! Great all around ski!

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