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Ahmeek 105 - 180 cm (Pre-Built Custom)

$ 779.00 $ 899.00

Dimensions: 139-105-124

Specs: Same as stock Ahmeek 105 - View Here

Classification: Pre-Built Custom

Notes: Wilderness Collection graphic

Have you wanted a pair of custom skis to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd? Here's your opportunity to get your hands on a pair of Shaggy's with a unique look!


Wilderness Collection Skis - Whitetail Buck

The majestic Whitetail Buck gazes in the snowy moonlight. The Wilderness Collection artwork was commissioned to the skilled hands of Jason Limberg. This Shaggy's original was created from scratch, each stroke completed with pen and ink.

The whitetail deer feature is the third installment of the Wilderness Collection; a very limited collection released every few years. Each ski of the Wilderness Collection is custom built for each customer.

Limited Edition Wilderness Graphic features the sometimes elusive Whitetail Buck.

  • Hand-Drawn Pen and Ink Art is timeless and will look great on the snow and hanging in the chalet
  • 1 of 100 extremely limited and unique graphics

About the Artist

Jason Limberg is an artist who focuses on drawing, working primarily in pen & ink. Living in the woods of the Upper Peninsula I am surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and scenery.

I’ve always had a deep fascination with the forest and its inhabitants. There is a mysterious, ephemeral quality of the natural realm that captivates me.

My work is a personal journal of the inner peace I find in the woods, integrated with musings of the animals' lives weaving among the trees.

Much of my passion lies in translating the intricate details and subtleties of the environment, alongside the surreal elements of my imagination.

With an empathetic eye, I strive to reveal the spirit and essence of the animals I draw. I am a draftsman aligned with the night, captivated by the natural breath, & searching for the timeless dance.

Jason Limberg Art - Ski Artwork

Whitetail Buck Deer Ski Artwork