Custom Ski Graphic

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Add this item to your cart to design your own custom topsheet graphic for your skis. Read below to decide if you want full custom or semi-custom.

The images in the gallery are examples of customer designs.

Details for custom graphic options are below. 

What are my options?

Semi-Custom Topsheet - $50

Includes one option from the list below (ski model name will be corrected):

  • Use a graphic from another current Shaggy’s model
  • Use a graphic from our graphic library View Graphics Here.
  • Swap main colors on the graphic

Full Custom Topsheet (Level 1) - $100

This includes either providing your own custom artwork that we help layout and format for printing or creating a graphic using a background from our library.

Included Services (bring your custom design)

  • You create your own one-of-a-kind topsheet design either with our online tool or via your own software
  • We layout the graphic for your specific ski
  • We prep your graphic for print: file cleanup, adjust elements for ski specific layout, color correction. 

Included Services (create a design with us)

  • Choose main background graphic from our library
  • Change color of graphic
  • Add your name or message
  • Add your own logo or image on top of the graphic
  • Two adjustment revisions ($15 per extra revision)

Full Custom Topsheet (Level 2) - $150

We create your topsheet graphic from your concept

Included Services (plus any from above)

  • Graphic consultation (phone, video chat, or in person)
  • We create your ski graphic based on an agreed concept
  • Two adjustment revisions ($25 per extra revision)


Once you've placed your order we will contact you regarding your graphic and always send you a mockup of the graphic on skis prior to printing!

Need help? Have an idea for a graphic but have NO IDEA how to put it into print? We can make that idea a reality for a reasonable design fee. Just contact us and we’ll get to work!

Want to order your skis now but don’t have your graphic ready? No problem! Go ahead and order, add the graphic fee and put a note on your order that you’ll send your graphic at a later date.

Printing Specs and more info can be found at

How to Design your Custom Ski Graphic

  • Your custom graphics need to be designed as a rectangle with the dimensions of 32 cm wide by the length of the ski plus 10 cm long (ie Ahmeek 180 cm + 10 cm = 190 cm total). This will include both skis as a pair.
  • When designing your custom ski graphic, we recommend you use a graphic program that supports layers such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Corel Paintshop Pro, or if you do not have a graphics program you can use GIMP which is a free open-source program (
  • Once your purchase is complete, we will send you a specific model design layout template that you can use for general placement, please remember that there may be slight shifts during pressing and to leave adequate room for that (full bleed to the rectangle)
  • Once you have your basic design done, you should paste the graphic layout provided by Shaggy’s into a new layer (top layer) to see how the graphic will look with the ski cutouts and make necessary graphic adjustments. Remember to turn the ski layout layer offprior to exporting the file for print. See image below for reference.
  • The design should be done using the CMYK color space (this is how they will be printed), so if it is designed in another color space the colors may be slightly off. We cannot guarantee perfect color accuracy.
  • The design should be done in at least 150 dpi, but we recommend doing them at 200 dpi.
  • The files should be exported as a TIFF file, we will provide an upload link to submit the file (they are LARGE).
  • In most instances we will incorporate a small ski information emblem on the skis in an appropriate location near binding placement.

For more information visit:

Looking for full custom skis, not just the graphics? Contact us here.

Custom Ski Graphic Design Example