May 17, 2019

Skis, bikes, beer, and sun - does it get any better when they're all wrapped into the same day? A few Shaggy's employees brought some friends to Avalanche Mountain in Boyne City to get in a few more turns before the snow was entirely gone for the season.

Group biking to ski at Avalanche Mountain

Even though the snow wasn't anything to write home about, being able to ski in shorts and short sleeves in mid April was quite rewarding, especially when the crew not only earned their turns by skinning up the hill, but also by riding their bikes to the hill from home. It was a 100% human-powered day! So we'd like to think that the cold beverages enjoyed were well-earned.

Skiing and Mountain Biking

As you can see, the skiing was....challenging. But we here at Shaggy's live winter to it's fullest, and we can say with confidence that the winter of 2018-2019 was good to the last drop!

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Avalanche Mountain Boyne City

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Spencer Lindenberg
Spencer Lindenberg

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