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Height: 5'8
Ski Length: 174
Primary Ski Area: Boyne/Bohemia/airplane ski West
They Dance in Deep Snow and the Tracked Out.

We hit ten days at Bohemia with big snow and the Ahmeeks slayed it. From waist deep to tracked out the Ahmeeks danced through it all with ease. They turn so easily I would suggest maybe going 5 cm longer than you think you might want. I bought a 174 because I ski primarily at Boyne and already have a 184 bootjack. I feel that a 180 would have been maybe a little better at Bohemia.
I let my buddy ski them for a day and he was blown away. He skis a cham 94 and couldn't believe how much more nimble the Ahmeeks were. I also have to give a tip of the hat to the Purder 2. At 184/133 underfoot it pounded and floated and was super nimble for such a big ski wow. I won't be afraid to ski them in the trees again. All in all I've loved every pair of Skis I have from this wonderful company.

Height: 6'0"
Ski Length: 174
Primary Ski Area: Caberfae
Flat out awesome

These are an unbelievable ski. They truly are confidence inspiring. I have had them now on perfect groomers, hard packed ice, crud, some powder, and everything in between. Let me tell you they handle it all with ease. I was a bit nervous going from a "skinny ski" to what I considered a "fat" ski. The 105's lay over and carve with the best of them (if not better). Great super G arcs to quick turns were effortless. Rock solid and stable.

Height: 5’10”
Ski Length: 174cm
Primary Ski Area: Keystone
Stunning and limitless!

Let’s start with the obvious, this limited run design is stunning, beautiful, eye catching graphics! Now, I chose mine in the Ahmeek 105 model. True all mountain, all condition skis that set you free to blast through powder holes, slip in and out between trees and carve down icy groomers. The mountain is yours and the options are limitless on the Ahmeek 105.

Height: 5’3”
Ski Length: 162
Primary Ski Area: Mount Bohemia
Ahmeek 105s-best play toy

These skis are incredibly fun and playful! I ride ahmeek 105s and had a custom order. I served in the Peace Corps in Mozambique and as a coming home, had custom skis made to commemorate my service. The custom team did an amazing job turning my chicken scratch design into beautiful skis! Plus, the ahmeeks are so playful!!! Crushes through crud, still holds an edge on groomers and absolutely floats on powder days. I’m having so much fun on these! Thanks, Shaggys, for making my coming home even sweeter!

Height: 6’1
Ski Length: 170
Primary Ski Area: Telluride
More than just a park ski

I work in Telluride as a ski instructor and the sarge started out as my free style ski and turned into my daily ride. Most fun ski I’ve ever experienced. I’ve ripped this from the park to groomers to 8-12 inches of fresh champagne pow and they do not disappoint. Hard to find a park ski with the perfect flex and pop that I can still carve when the terrain calls for it.

Height: 5’9”
Ski Length: 180cm
Primary Ski Area: Breckenridge and A-Basin
This porridge is juuuuust right

Big companies, small companies, and boutique manufacturers are all searching for the perfect one-ski quiver. It’s a worthy goal. Unless you live in the mountains and have either the budget or the inclination to own several pairs of sticks, having a do-it-all ski is as convenient as it gets. After months of research, I settled on the Ahmeek 105. The marketing tells me it’s a ski that floats like Ali and grips hardpack like an angry bobcat? Yeah, I’ll take that.

But it ain’t just marketing folks. This dog is like a cuddly Labrador Retriever that has the bite of a pit bull. If—like me—you’re concerned that having a 100+mm ski underfoot will drastically alter your ability to cruise the intermediate groomers, don’t worry. It’s a shockingly stable and grippy ride in firm on-piste snow. At 180cm with a 20-22m variable radius and lively rebound, the ski asked for the fall line turn after turn. It rewarded good technique with picture perfect super G sized arcs and never punished lazy sliding turns.

Off-piste, the ski does what every other ski in this category does save for one key thing. Yes it’s floaty, yes it’s supportive, yes it smears on demand. But what it does on top of those things that the competition doesn’t is bust through rutted and day old mank with surprising ease. The ski doesn’t get knocked offline like so many of the other playful and forgiving skis in this category. It’s extremely forgiving in shin-deep fluff and makes steazy backseat powder arcs accessible to this intermediate skier.

Weaknesses? Not much. In some ways I wish I had sized closer to height (I’m 175cm) for a shorter radius and more flickability at low speeds. But that’s my fault and not the ski. This thing rips at 180cm and I never feel like I’m missing something that a slightly smaller ski can’t fix. Combine that with the bomber build and the true family feel of this company and you’ve got a customer for life. Shaggys does it right.

Height: Six feet
Ski Length: 168
Primary Ski Area: Caberfae Peaks
Ahmeek 105s - Super Ski

Spent the last couple of days skiing my Ahmeek 105s at Caberfae Peaks. Super fun ski. Works everything from boiler plate to my favorite...crud. The ski is impressive. I can plow through crud then pop out and cut amazing high speed carved arcs. The ski will dig trenches in the snow. I haven’t found anything the ski won’t handle.

Height: 6' 1"
Ski Length: 180cm
Primary Ski Area: Cascade Mountain, Wisconsin
Simply... The Best!!!

So... I took a chance and purchased my Shaggy's based solely on customer reviews, being optimistic and trusting other Shaggy's owner experiences. I noticed the quality out of the box... these aren't the cookie cutter boards that are rampant in the ski industry today, instead they are a solid pair of handmade skis! I've been on my Brockway's for two weeks now and waited to write this review until I could put this ski through several solid sessions on the snow. I lucked out and was able to ski multiple conditions (powder, crud, groomers, spring conditions and "Midwest hard pack" e.g. Ice) over the past two weeks and this ski handled it all like a champ! This is truly an awesome, solid, stable ski that can handle anything you throw at it with confidence! I found the Brockway's to be very responsive edge to edge with plenty of pop in and out of turns. I purchased mine with the NanoMAG dampening system and I am amazed at the reduction in vibration transmitted through the ski. For me, there has been a noticeable reduction in leg fatigue after a full day on the slopes! If you're on the fence about purchasing... read the reviews and take the plunge, you will be pleasantly surprised!

This review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the excellent customer service I received, from my initial contact with Jeff, to the day I received my skis. The Thompson family and entire team at Shaggy's should be proud of the product, customer care and experience they provide! Every question I had through the selection and build process was quickly answered personally by a team member from Shaggy's. I hate to sound old, but this is what customer service used to be like which is very rare to find today. This is what happens when a company takes pride in their work! Shaggy's is an awesome family company that has earned my respect and business in the future! Keep up the excellent work!!!

Height: 5'7"
Ski Length: 168
Primary Ski Area: Marquette Mountain
I love my Brockway 95's

This season (18/19) is my first season on downhill skis after previously snowboarding my entire life. I have setup my skis with NTN telemark equipment with the intention of having some reliable, fun, resort crushing, mixed snow condition skis, to be used mostly on groomed terrain with the ability to float through some thick patches on the occasional "snow day". I couldn't be happier! I also opted for the NANOMAG technology for added small bump compliance and I can really feel the stabiity when skiing in particularly rough and icy conditions as if the skis just don't mind the crud.

With such a versatile design these skis have been wonderful for me to learn on and continue to progress with, while never having to worry about skiing them "too hard". I would reccomend the brockway to any skier looking for a ski with a lot of control but something that still feels somewhat playful yet stable simultaneously.

I highly recommend these skis to any skier looking for something that just works well, looks great, and is manufactured in the U.S. on top of it all!

If you are remotely curious or interested in anything from Shaggys, just call them, or better yet, get out to a demo and see for yourself how great skiing has become with some Shaggys on tour feet!

Height: 6.3
Ski Length: 178
Primary Ski Area: Bittersweet

Been patrolling on these now for about 2 years
Local and playing out west numerous times. They are awesome all around skis

AhMEEKs 105

These skis are great. Gripped the scratch ice and hard pack, dug in on groomers and explodes out of hard carves. The best part of these skis is how they can go from groomers into side stash or woods and actually perform better. 16 inches of pow and they float right to the top. Lines I would have never even looked at before are now everywhere. The mountain opens up with these skis in my quiver. Great purchase.

Height: 5,11
Awesome shape

Love the tip shape great for flotation in powder

Height: 5’6”
Ski Length: 168
Primary Ski Area: Mt. Holly
Incredible Skis!!

What a great pair of skis! These skis plow through anything you throw at them. They are very responsive and strong skis. I had the nanoMAG Dampening system incorporated into my skis and it makes for a very quite and smooth ride even on icy days. Being a ski patroller, these skis give me the cofidense to tackle any terrain that I’d have to ski. Overall, I couldn’t be more happy with the Brockway 95’s.

Height: 5'8
Ski Length: 176?lol
Primary Ski Area: Travel Skis and Bohemia
Steamboat/Winter Park pow

Jeff did an awesome job on my skis... I put a custom graphic on it from a picture I took at Big Sky and it turned out really nice. Jeff flex indexed the ski for my weight which is crucial. I buy skis off the rack but to know that this is a 165 lb ski, nice perk of ordering's a bit more but we'll worth it. They didn't disappoint. 5 days at Steamboat and 5 days at Winter Park... three pretty great pow days and some out of bounds shenanigans. The skis rip... easy in tight trees and nimble on super steep piste. Really feel safe at high speeds while carving up Mary Jane. The Ahmeek is the ski you have to bring out West when you can only bring one pair.

Height: 5’7”
Ski Length: 168
Primary Ski Area: Midwest
Best Skis Ever!

The “do it all” ski! I can take these anywhere and know I will have a fun day no matter the conditions. They are great at busting through the crud, keeping you afloat in the pow, and putting a smile on your face with every quick engaging turn on those groomer days! These skis go with me to Boyne Mountain, Mt. Bohemia, backcountry skiing in MI & Canada, and vacation days out West (Alaska and CO, so far). I highly recommend these skis to every intermediate to advance lady out there looking for a wider, do it all ski. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: My husband is a co-owner of Shaggy's, but honestly, I think these are the best skis ever!

Height: 5'9"
Ski Length: 170
Primary Ski Area: Glades and open runs, no backcountry yet
Versatile freeski

I'm 52 and if I had any park days, they're behind me. I purchased the Sarge95 this winter after skiing a K2 Shreditor 102 for the last two seasons. I was riding the K2s as a means to get off-trail and to enjoy freeskiing a bit more, but with my weight at 165# and with 102 mm underfoot, they didn't do very well on hardpack. After talking about parameters with Jeff we arrived at the Sarge95. Well, this season I wasn't able to do any backcountry, but have skied more glades then ever before. Add to that the crazy variable winter we've had here and the Sarge95s have handled about everything I've thrown at them, from icy hardpack to powder days. I'd recommend the Sarge95 to not just park users, but to anyone with a lighter weight that gets off-trail and wants a playful and versatile ski.

Height: 5'11
Ski Length: 180cm
Primary Ski Area: British Colombia (mostly backcountry)
WOW!!! This is what I have to say.

Bootjack 115 Wilderness Collection
Where: British Colombia, Canada (mostly backcountry)

I recently bought a pair of Shaggy's skis Bootjack 115 Wilderness Collection. I had the chance to try them in various snow conditions such as: deep powder, icy conditions, rainy conditions, tight trees and all the way to spring skiing. WOW!!! This is what I have to say.

I've had the fortune to start skiing at age 3 year and for the first time, I took the plunge and ordered a pair of skis from the internet without physically trying or seeing them. I have to admit that I was nervous, but since Shaggy's was offering a 5 day satisfaction guarantee, it put me at at ease.

I mostly chose the Bootjack because I was going on a backcountry ski trip to British Columbia Canada where I was expecting deep Powder and large terrain. I am pleased to report that the Bootjack performed very well! Even at low speed, the pronounced angle of the rocker tip kept me on top of the deep snow making the tight turns easy in between trees. There is no better feeling than to make big turns in deep powder on good quality skis.

I also had a chance to ski at a resort where the conditions were icy in the morning and soft in the afternoon. The skis performed relatively well due to the camber and the camber pocket. The skis felt strong and stiff when I was on edge maintaining wicked speeds on big GS turns. Surprisingly enough, I was able to ski comfortably in the moguls. I tried a lot of powder skis, but I never found one that is as versatile as the the bootjack!

I find the Bootjack is a perfect skis for someone who wants to skis powder, but also wants to have fun skiing groomed trails. I added the Limited Wilderness Collection package to the Bootjack only because I found the graphics amazing! The only down side to the Wilderness Collection is it brought a lot of conversation on and around the ski lifts.....not the best for anyone who prefers not to socialize. LoL

Pascal J

Height: 6'0"
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: Boyne Mountain
Confidence Inspiring

Wow. The Brockway 95 is a real confidence inspiring ski! Today I skied them for the first time and was really able to give it my all, without lacking the feel of control. To be able to rail turns as if i was reliving my high school glory days in the GS course was a great feeling. You can really feel the nanoMAG dampening system kick in when the skis are wanting to chatter over unforgiving snow surfaces. Now, Disclaimer I am a brand ambassador for Shaggy's. I usually ski either the Ahmeek 105 180, Sarge 95 182 or the Bootjack 115 186, all skis that allow me to rip all over the mountain. So to say I was impressed by the performance of the Brockway 95 with the nanoMAG dampening system says alot. I might have to add a ski to my quiver.... maybe for get back in the start gate???

Height: 6’5
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: Mostly Minnesota, but I travel a decent amount.
Versatile skis

First and foremost the skis are beautiful, the bright blue is very pleasant and I get a ton of compliments and questions on my Ahmeeks.

The important stuff:
I have now taken these bad boys out for 10-ish days on the Rockies and Wasatch Mountains and I must say they handle all snow conditions surprisingly well. Edge to edge on groomers they feel great for carving, they float decently in powder, but my favorite is definitely crud and tracked out snow. They charge SO WELL, they are incredibly stable in the most variable snow conditions. I have never skied on boards that can crush that type of snow like that. Can’t say enough about how good it is. I also always beat my skis up, but the edges have stayed and no core shots yet. The top sheet is chipping away a bit but I think that’s expected when you ski like I do.

Overall, very satisfied, best all mountain skis I have ever used.

Height: 5'10"
Ski Length: 174
Primary Ski Area: Caberfae
Do everything ski

I've held off writing my review until after I went out west to Utah. I was hoping to see how these performed in some powder, but unfortunately only got 2" while I was there. That being said, this ski performs. An added benefit was after skiing Volkl AC-30's for years, I notice that I don't get as fatigued while skiing these. It took about a day or two to find the sweet spot. I found that you definitely want to be on the tongue of your boot when you initiate your turns, but you're not kicked in the pants if you're not. They are pretty forgiving. I will say that I'm saving the Volkls for those days where it is icy, and the Ahmeeks are going to be what I'm on the rest of the time.

Height: 6’ 1”
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: Snow Shoe, Utah, Colorado
American Pride

Can you say 66mph!!! Groomed or Powder! This is by far the best of both worlds East or West .... Also will hold edge...I a.m. presently in Colorado skiing and have had several complements on the design.

Height: 5'10
Ski Length: 182
Primary Ski Area: Marquette Mountain
Do it all kinda ski.

The 'Sarge turns the whole mountain into your terrain park. If you love skiing the whole mountain, and also like laps in the park, this is the ski for you!

Its directional profile and solid flex underfoot makes for stable GS- style turns on hard pack. Combine this with the innovative camber pockets located in-front and behind your boot contact point and you'll keep good grip, even after weeks hitting rails. Pro tip: keep these camber pockets sharp while de-tuning underfoot for a ski that won't catch on rails but still hooks up on icy groomers. The tip and tail of this ski are a lot softer than the mid-section which keeps them playful and really good for butters and presses, while keeping the backbone and stability needed for big jumps and going fast. The recommended mounting point is 2cm back from dead center, and puts you right on the middle of the effective edge when taking the directional rocker into consideration. This is where mine are mounted for primarily park riding!

As an ambassador for Shaggy's I've helped test a lot of different construction techniques and in the past a lot of those techniques didn't hold up to hard park riding. Durability is a huge priority for a ski that is going to spend as much time grinding steel rails as sliding on snow. I've been on my 'Sarges since last December hitting street spots, riding park, bombed out spring snow (mostly rocks), I even skied down a couple sand dunes with them. They are a little beat up, but after 100+ days that pair is still my daily driver!

Height: 5'5
Ski Length: 167
Primary Ski Area: boyne mountain and mount bohemia
Great on all terrain

I got the new 2018 Belles this year for my birthday and can't say enough about them. I've been riding them around the Northern Michigan and UP hills in all types of weather and snow conditions and these skis can handle anything. I took them out to Squaw Valley and Mount Bohemia for the holidays for backcountry trips with friends, and while they're not specifically backcountry skis, they were great for trees! After years of racing I wanted a ski that would hold a good edge in the super variable Michigan conditions but still be good for trees and powder out west, and I found that in the Belle! Great all around ski!

Height: 6'1"
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: New England/Northeast

These things absolutely RIP on east coast conditions. I skied them this past Sunday at Hunter Mt. NY and they crushed everything the mountain had to throw at them. Great skis!

Height: 6'4"
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: Bohemia
Funnest ski ever

I'm no ski expert, but I know what I like. These are the only fat skis I've ever tried (mine are 2017 models) and they're a blast in the backcountry. I'm a big dude, 6'4" and these skis turn super easy on crud, packed pow and pow. Super solid at all backcountry worthy speeds. So glad I bought them.

Sizing Chart

Sizing skis is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science. There are numerous factors that all effect the optimal ski length for you. 

Blog Post About How to Size and Pick Skis

A few of the factors are:

The list could go on and on, but if you need help with the decision, always feel free to call us at 231.459.4323, live chat, or email us!

Here's a basic chart based solely on height, to get you started.

Height Suggested Lengths (cm)
5' 135-155
5'2" 145-165
5'4" 150-170
5'6" 155-175
5'8" 160-180
5'10" 165-185
6' 170-190
6'2" 175-195
6'4" 180-200