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The Mohawk 98's are an incredible ski. I could ride them all day in any conditions and have a great day.

2023 Mohawk 98
Scott Baczkiewicz
Height: 6'2
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: All Michigan resorts.
Love them!

I love my Mohawk 98s. Got them with custom graphics. While I have yet to ski all conditions I have taken them on groomers, some deep powder, and some mashed potatoes in warmer weather. They are just a dream to ski on. So glad I chose Shaggys for my new ski purchase and their recommendation for the Mowhawk 98s.

Ahmeek 105 (Pre-Built Woody)

These are amazing!!!! And quite the head turner where I ski in Europe.

Ahmeek 115 - FC1
Andrew Nagle
Height: 6’3”
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: Kirkwood California
Ahmeek 115

Out of all the skis and conditions I’ve rode in my life, nothing compares to riding these in 12” of fresh powder. Best day of my life and these held up amazing on the harder pack too.

Mohawk 98 - 168 (Pre-Built) Custom

Amazing skis amazing company!

2023 Brockway 90
AJ Riccobono
Height: 5ft11
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: Rock snowpark, little Switzerland, Nordic
A solid Midwest ski

The brockway 90s absolutely rip through crud and soft snow like it’s nothing. The build quality is amazing, you can tell how much effort goes into these skis. I highly recommend these for any skier who loves to carve but also wants to play in conditions that aren’t ideal.

Nice soft T- shirt!

2023 Tubby 120
Hayes Collins
Height: 5'8
Ski Length: 168 small for Boyne powder days
Primary Ski Area: Boyne Mountain
Great in powder but my go to spring ski.

To be honest I haven't skied the new iterations of The tubby. I have an older model but I think the basics are the same. Obviously with a 120 they are going to float. They ski very short with the amount of rocker in them. They are extremely nimble in the trees when you have at least three inches of snow. They are capable carvers on hard pack when transitioning out of the powder. They are my favorite spring ski because of the wide stance it is really fun to lay them over and you never boot out meaning you don't get snow slap that will slap you out of your skis in spring crud. They lay huge trenches and with that huge rocker tip they absorb the bumps. This ski is a must-have in your quiver I'm on it in the spring pretty much every day.

Shaggy's Tagged Beanie
Great hat!

Warm and lightweight, great for post skiing helmet hair!

Fun Carver 88 - FC4

Next generation all mountain skis. You will be a better skier with Shaggy’s Fun Carver 88. Ski the East!
Now you know.

2023 Mohawk 98
Mohawk 98

Got a pair of the Mohawk 98s to hit the backcountry here in the PNW. They float when you need them to and shine on consolidated conditions, too. Love these new boards!

2023 Fun Carver 88
Height: 6’1
Ski Length: 180cm
Primary Ski Area: Caberfae
Best yet from Copper Country

I had a chance to demo these this spring. WHAT A BLAST! The big shovel on the front gives just the right float for all conditions - pow, crud, corn, mashed taters. The tail is the after burner. Get these babys on the groomed, and they carve like nothing I’ve been on. Already got a pair on order!

2023 Fun Carver 88
Snow Ben
Height: 5'9
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: All Over
Fun Carver Addiction

Message to the Shaggy's crew during my first day on the Fun Carver: "I'm throwing away all my other skis. These are sick."

I now have 2 pair with custom graphics packages and burn marks on my snow pants from all the hip dragging...

That sums it up...

- Snow Ben and Mountain Jed

2023 Belle 80
Kate K.
Height: 5'2"
Ski Length: 150
Primary Ski Area: Bessemer, MI
The everyday ride!

Fast, sharp & snappy. These are my 2nd (of 3) pairs of Shaggy's, my LIGHTEST & definitely my everyday ride in most Midwest conditions. A big change from my Medora 105. My 85's RIP a groomer, as expected & holds an edge/turn confidently. Handles some soft powder excellently, as well. She is not quite as forgiving as my Medora 105, offering a little more pop & energy. However still just as fun given the right skiing ability & conditions. Of my 3 skis, these would be the pair I'd recommend to most skiers & conditions. She does it all & does it well.

2023 Medora 105
Kate K.
Height: 5'2"
Ski Length: 156
Primary Ski Area: Bessemer, MI
Ride or die! Does it all

My first pair (of 3) Shaggy's & probably my favorite. I actually got these in a carbon fiber core to offset the heavy AT bindings setup I have on them. I've rode these 5 seasons now. I primarily ski in the Upper Penninsula but they have also been out west. I feel I can face & take on anything with these, truly my ride or die. These are a powerful ski & therefore are not meant for a beginner. BUT I took these out west they will power through EVERYTHING with ease. From any & all variations of powders while also preforming phenomenally in groomers. Very stable underfoot with a wider turning radius but easily controlled. They're not my everyday whip, because not everyday calls for these. But I know that they'll always be a fun, confident ride at my skiing ability & pulling a toboggan. Side note, they also survived an accident (100% my fault) that resulted in a broken leg. The skis were fine.

2023 Medora 95
Kate K.
Height: 5'2"
Primary Ski Area: Bessemer, MI
Tele skis

These are my 3rd pair of skis by Shaggy's, following my Medora 105 & Belle 85. My Medora 95's are actually my Telemark setup & I'm still learning, after regular alpine skiing for 20 years. I primarily ski the Upper Penninsula & these THRIVE on fresh groomers & light powder. They're very light & easily controlled through turns & crud. Very excited to gain more experience & memories on these for seasons to come!

2023 Ahmeek 105
So easy to ski, it feels like cheating!

I'm 5'11 and 190lbs, and I'm 52 years old. I purchased these skis primarily for accessing more terrain at my favorite Yooper hill. My old 108's that I use to ski in Alaska were too long for the bus and difficult to maneuver in the trees and narrow shoots, especially in crappy conditions. My Ahmeek 105's at 180cm however, not only allowed me to gain better access, but rip nearly every condition that I've encountered over the last two seasons like nothing I'd ever imagined before. My buddies have tried to convince me that I'm just a good skier, but I'm pretty sure it's the skis. They're light and playful and with a stiff boot, I can push forward and carve the groomers and slash trough mashed taters like I only wish I could have 30 years ago. The length, width and rocker make for a super forgiving ski in the steep glades and shoots and keep me floating high and linking turns from top to bottom without fatigue. That's saying something. In closing, I love these skis and wish it was endless winter!

2023 Ahmeek 105

Great skis! Great customer service!

2023 Ahmeek 85
Michael Thornton
Get Yours

Loved using my Shaggy's Limited Series Ski Patrol skis. Not only could I ski everything I threw at it, its design is perfect for getting to patients, sled transportation, and anything else needed for patrol duty. I highly encourage you to get your's today. You won't be disappointed.

2023 Ahmeek 105
Height: 5’10”
Ski Length: 174
Primary Ski Area: Summit Co, CO
Ahmeek 105

Ordered a pair of Ahmeek 105s last Sat. They arrived on Wed. Had Look Pivot bindings installed on Thurs. Skied Breck on Fri. Conditions were pretty much dust on hard crust. Skis did really well. Carvers would have been better but they were stable and performed well.

Saturday we had 8” of powder.These skis were incredible making fresh tracks in Horseshoe Bowl and Six Senses. The skis float really well, but also cut through the crud that you get late in the day on powder days. Did not try them in moguls, but will let you know when I do.

Very pleased with Shaggy’s customer service and with the skis.

These skies are awesome

2023 Belle 90
Kelly Paige
Shaggy's at Deer Valley Spring Break 2023

Belle 90's, with custom graphics, celebrate Soring Break 2023 at Deer Valley, Utah.. Mom and daughter, Kelly Paige and Morgan Nowicki.

2023 Ahmeek 105
Caught the only gold chair @ BOHO

Bobby Howard, nicknamed, BOHO, that's short for Mt. Bohemia and I'm no Queen, but my Ahmeeks are a rapsidy for you veterans who know. I coined the phrase, "That was Shagaliscious!", for you cultists who need an expression at the bottom of every run. I know, I say it a lot! I even gave my pic, Shaggy's photo of the Week, because I'm looking for some more free merch. But this pic of Bobby's Boards on the only gold chair at BOHO says it all. Lucky! So I enjoyed the extra cushions, stretched out and made owl sounds going to the top. Like this; whoowhoo...whoo..whoo..whooo. Those that heard it thought it was real. Well my hallucinations are my reality and I practice DIY therapy, so I'm good. Ski ya later, and have a Shagaliscious Day!

2023 Mohawk 98
Height: 5’7”
Ski Length: 168
Primary Ski Area: Cascade Mountain
Let’s go girls!

These girls are everything! I’ve had my eyes on Shaggy’s for years, and was finally able to make it happen. Since I wasn’t able to demo the Mohawks or the Medoras (which I was also considering), I put my trust in the team at Shaggy’s to make recommendation. Lynn, Shari, and Jeff were so helpful! I’m so happy with how the custom graphics turned out. I have yet to ride a lift without getting compliments!

These ski excellent, even with the little snow we’ve had in Wisconsin. They’ve performed better than I expected on hard groomers, great on soft groomers, and they “floated” through the “powder” while it lasted. I can’t wait to get into some pow and trees with them! So far, they’ve checked all my boxes.

Ladies, don’t overlook these skis! I’m so glad Lynn suggested them for me. They are my girls and we have a blast!

Oh- and if you are at Cascade on a Saturday, you might luck out and see me, the donut lady, with Saturday chairlift donuts. Don’t be shy. KT Glazers are the 💣!


Height: 6' 0"
Ski Length: 186 cm
Primary Ski Area: Mt Baker Ski Area and Backcountry
Super Light Hard Charging Skis

I can absolutely say I love this ski!! As I was born and raised in Michigan with ski racing being part of that time in Michigan, this ski can charge hard in the powder, power through crud, and hold an edge on the groomers. I have a Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 binding mounted on it which makes the ski even lighter for touring. The combination of this binding and ski gives me the option to use this ski 100% of the time in resort and in the backcountry. Highly recommended for anyone looking for that combination.