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Height: 5'9"
Ski Length: 170
Primary Ski Area: Glades and open runs, no backcountry yet
Versatile freeski

I'm 52 and if I had any park days, they're behind me. I purchased the Sarge95 this winter after skiing a K2 Shreditor 102 for the last two seasons. I was riding the K2s as a means to get off-trail and to enjoy freeskiing a bit more, but with my weight at 165# and with 102 mm underfoot, they didn't do very well on hardpack. After talking about parameters with Jeff we arrived at the Sarge95. Well, this season I wasn't able to do any backcountry, but have skied more glades then ever before. Add to that the crazy variable winter we've had here and the Sarge95s have handled about everything I've thrown at them, from icy hardpack to powder days. I'd recommend the Sarge95 to not just park users, but to anyone with a lighter weight that gets off-trail and wants a playful and versatile ski.

Height: 5'11
Ski Length: 180cm
Primary Ski Area: British Colombia (mostly backcountry)
WOW!!! This is what I have to say.

Bootjack 115 Wilderness Collection
Where: British Colombia, Canada (mostly backcountry)

I recently bought a pair of Shaggy's skis Bootjack 115 Wilderness Collection. I had the chance to try them in various snow conditions such as: deep powder, icy conditions, rainy conditions, tight trees and all the way to spring skiing. WOW!!! This is what I have to say.

I've had the fortune to start skiing at age 3 year and for the first time, I took the plunge and ordered a pair of skis from the internet without physically trying or seeing them. I have to admit that I was nervous, but since Shaggy's was offering a 5 day satisfaction guarantee, it put me at at ease.

I mostly chose the Bootjack because I was going on a backcountry ski trip to British Columbia Canada where I was expecting deep Powder and large terrain. I am pleased to report that the Bootjack performed very well! Even at low speed, the pronounced angle of the rocker tip kept me on top of the deep snow making the tight turns easy in between trees. There is no better feeling than to make big turns in deep powder on good quality skis.

I also had a chance to ski at a resort where the conditions were icy in the morning and soft in the afternoon. The skis performed relatively well due to the camber and the camber pocket. The skis felt strong and stiff when I was on edge maintaining wicked speeds on big GS turns. Surprisingly enough, I was able to ski comfortably in the moguls. I tried a lot of powder skis, but I never found one that is as versatile as the the bootjack!

I find the Bootjack is a perfect skis for someone who wants to skis powder, but also wants to have fun skiing groomed trails. I added the Limited Wilderness Collection package to the Bootjack only because I found the graphics amazing! The only down side to the Wilderness Collection is it brought a lot of conversation on and around the ski lifts.....not the best for anyone who prefers not to socialize. LoL

Pascal J

Height: 6'0"
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: Boyne Mountain
Confidence Inspiring

Wow. The Brockway 95 is a real confidence inspiring ski! Today I skied them for the first time and was really able to give it my all, without lacking the feel of control. To be able to rail turns as if i was reliving my high school glory days in the GS course was a great feeling. You can really feel the nanoMAG dampening system kick in when the skis are wanting to chatter over unforgiving snow surfaces. Now, Disclaimer I am a brand ambassador for Shaggy's. I usually ski either the Ahmeek 105 180, Sarge 95 182 or the Bootjack 115 186, all skis that allow me to rip all over the mountain. So to say I was impressed by the performance of the Brockway 95 with the nanoMAG dampening system says alot. I might have to add a ski to my quiver.... maybe for get back in the start gate???

Height: 6’5
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: Mostly Minnesota, but I travel a decent amount.
Versatile skis

First and foremost the skis are beautiful, the bright blue is very pleasant and I get a ton of compliments and questions on my Ahmeeks.

The important stuff:
I have now taken these bad boys out for 10-ish days on the Rockies and Wasatch Mountains and I must say they handle all snow conditions surprisingly well. Edge to edge on groomers they feel great for carving, they float decently in powder, but my favorite is definitely crud and tracked out snow. They charge SO WELL, they are incredibly stable in the most variable snow conditions. I have never skied on boards that can crush that type of snow like that. Can’t say enough about how good it is. I also always beat my skis up, but the edges have stayed and no core shots yet. The top sheet is chipping away a bit but I think that’s expected when you ski like I do.

Overall, very satisfied, best all mountain skis I have ever used.

Height: 5'10"
Ski Length: 174
Primary Ski Area: Caberfae
Do everything ski

I've held off writing my review until after I went out west to Utah. I was hoping to see how these performed in some powder, but unfortunately only got 2" while I was there. That being said, this ski performs. An added benefit was after skiing Volkl AC-30's for years, I notice that I don't get as fatigued while skiing these. It took about a day or two to find the sweet spot. I found that you definitely want to be on the tongue of your boot when you initiate your turns, but you're not kicked in the pants if you're not. They are pretty forgiving. I will say that I'm saving the Volkls for those days where it is icy, and the Ahmeeks are going to be what I'm on the rest of the time.

Height: 6’ 1”
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: Snow Shoe, Utah, Colorado
American Pride

Can you say 66mph!!! Groomed or Powder! This is by far the best of both worlds East or West .... Also will hold edge...I a.m. presently in Colorado skiing and have had several complements on the design.

Height: 5'10
Ski Length: 182
Primary Ski Area: Marquette Mountain
Do it all kinda ski.

The 'Sarge turns the whole mountain into your terrain park. If you love skiing the whole mountain, and also like laps in the park, this is the ski for you!

Its directional profile and solid flex underfoot makes for stable GS- style turns on hard pack. Combine this with the innovative camber pockets located in-front and behind your boot contact point and you'll keep good grip, even after weeks hitting rails. Pro tip: keep these camber pockets sharp while de-tuning underfoot for a ski that won't catch on rails but still hooks up on icy groomers. The tip and tail of this ski are a lot softer than the mid-section which keeps them playful and really good for butters and presses, while keeping the backbone and stability needed for big jumps and going fast. The recommended mounting point is 2cm back from dead center, and puts you right on the middle of the effective edge when taking the directional rocker into consideration. This is where mine are mounted for primarily park riding!

As an ambassador for Shaggy's I've helped test a lot of different construction techniques and in the past a lot of those techniques didn't hold up to hard park riding. Durability is a huge priority for a ski that is going to spend as much time grinding steel rails as sliding on snow. I've been on my 'Sarges since last December hitting street spots, riding park, bombed out spring snow (mostly rocks), I even skied down a couple sand dunes with them. They are a little beat up, but after 100+ days that pair is still my daily driver!

Height: 5'5
Ski Length: 167
Primary Ski Area: boyne mountain and mount bohemia
Great on all terrain

I got the new 2018 Belles this year for my birthday and can't say enough about them. I've been riding them around the Northern Michigan and UP hills in all types of weather and snow conditions and these skis can handle anything. I took them out to Squaw Valley and Mount Bohemia for the holidays for backcountry trips with friends, and while they're not specifically backcountry skis, they were great for trees! After years of racing I wanted a ski that would hold a good edge in the super variable Michigan conditions but still be good for trees and powder out west, and I found that in the Belle! Great all around ski!

Height: 6'1"
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: New England/Northeast

These things absolutely RIP on east coast conditions. I skied them this past Sunday at Hunter Mt. NY and they crushed everything the mountain had to throw at them. Great skis!

Height: 6'4"
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: Bohemia
Funnest ski ever

I'm no ski expert, but I know what I like. These are the only fat skis I've ever tried (mine are 2017 models) and they're a blast in the backcountry. I'm a big dude, 6'4" and these skis turn super easy on crud, packed pow and pow. Super solid at all backcountry worthy speeds. So glad I bought them.

Height: 6'2"
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: Snow Basin
Ahmeek first ride impressions

Finally broke out my Ahmeeks today here at Snow Basin in Utah. We haven't had the best snow fall or conditions but we got a few more inches the last couple of days and couldn't wait any longer. Snow conditions are all over the map here, but it is all mostly hard or dense, not much light Utah powder yet. That said, these skis handled everything I put them through with flying colors. I get to ski just about every brand of ski made here at Demo Days every year and these skis are tops in their class in the 100 + or- 5 under foot range. I love them, I bought them on faith because I loved the Patriot graphics and the reviews I read sounded like they would be what I like. But the proof is in the pudding as they say and these things do not disappoint at all. Hard pack with ice patches, picking through the brush for soft stuff, hard packed bumps, crud, man made and about five inches of side stash. Didn't matter what it was, they handled it all and felt confident and fun doing it. Can't wait for a big dump so I can play with them on some of Utah's signature powder and packed powder.

Height: 5" 11"
Ski Length: 170cm
Primary Ski Area: Stratton Mountain, Vermont
Best Skis I have owned!

The Sarge 95 is hands down the best ski I have ever owned. Living in Vermont I need something that is good on groomers, ice, and on occasion 6"-12" of fresh pow and these skis do great everywhere, just in this past week I have experienced all three and they put my rossi's to shame.

Height: 5-8
Primary Ski Area: Boyne Mounatian
I'm In Love!❤️

The most fun I have ever had on skis. If it's possible to love a pair of skis...I am in love.

Ski Length: 168 cm
"They were a blast"

I just came off of the mountains at Stowe. The first ride on my Brockway 95’s mated to Tyrolia Attack 13 bindings. Pretty much skied above anything I would have thought possible for me. Loose granular snow with some ice patches. Piles of snow pushed along the runs. Skis worked as advertised, I blasted through the piles without a hiccup, turns were crisp and my confidence level rose as well. I’m not sure if I “shredded” it or not, but they were a blast.. Edges held well on the solid surface as well as through the ice balls. I cannot say enough about how rock solid the ride is, the nanomag pretty much eliminated chatter. I definitely would recommend these skis.

Height: 5'10
Ski Length: 184
Primary Ski Area: Mt. Bohemia/Michigan Backcountry
Should be called the G.O.A.T

This ski should be called the GOAT, just like Michael Jordan (or if you're from the U.P maybe pre-vikings Brett Farve), this ski is hands down the Greatest Of All Time. Okay yes as an ambassador to the brand I'm a little biased, but with 5 years at Shaggy's this is by far my favorite offering. The first powder ski I have ever seen that is equally at home on a 20" blower day, or a 'it rained yesterday and now its 8 degrees out' day. Being from Michigan this is the way our winters go. From feast to famine, freeze to thaw, and back again, the Bootjack 115 charges through anything you put in front of it.
The generous rocker in the tip gives this ski that elusive 'surfy' feel everyone is looking for in the soft stuff. The beefy 115mm underfoot, while admittedly a little heavy, keeps you and your legs happily afloat on even the deepest of days. The soft tip and relatively short radius keeps them playful and and oh-so-jibby in powder.
That's the easy part. There are dozens of skis on the market that ski great when conditions are great.
Where the Bootjack 115 really shines is on the OTHER days. The days where you question whether its really worth it to even drive to the hill. When its icy, chopped up, mashed potatoes, or any other concoction of snow and ice. This fat powder ski will blow anything else out of the water. The stiff, wide body of the ski, combined with generous camber and added camber pockets, make this ski feel more confident and stable than any ski I've ever been on. There is no speed limit with the Bootjack. It smashes through anything in front of it and laughs at cliff drops and snow snakes. GS turns through moguls? No problem.
If you're looking for a ski that goes faster than Ricky Bobby at the Daytona 500, surfs powder like John John Florence at pipeline and inspires more confidence than Mel Gibson at the end of Braveheart this is the one for you.

Great Hat

Needed a new hat for the winter, and just got this in today. Great quality! Really like the leather stamping on the patch!

Height: 6'2"
Ski Length: 180.
Primary Ski Area: Caberfae Peaks
Best skis I've ever owned

I bought these early last season and they've performed exceedingly well on everything from icy groomers at Caberfae to 12"+ of powder up at Mount Bohemia and even touring in the backcountry. They truly are an excellent choice if you're looking for a one ski quiver.

I decided to slightly customize by going with clear top sheets instead of the original white. Jeff was super helpful and we emailed back and forth several time making slight changes until I was completely happy. The finished product definitely exceeded my expectations. They're absolutely beautiful! I get lots of compliments on them wherever I happen to be skiing.

Comfy, lightweight and relaxed with a classy feminine look

This has been my go-to tshirt all summer. It's just right- soft and comfy and not too bulky. Fit is true to size. Washes up really nice.

2018 Ahmeek 105
Buy this Ski!

I am always looking for something unique and different to ride. I became aware of Shaggy's skis a few years back but was initially reluctant to buy because I could not believe anyone could build a quality ski without a huge investment in R&D and capital equipment. Was I wrong. I was I still intrigued by Shaggy's so I researched and found out there is an alternate ski industry that manufacturers quality, high-end skis locally at competitive prices. Cut to last summer, I decided to take the plunge and buy a pair at Shaggy's preseason sale. I contacted Jeff for help selecting the right ski. Based on his recommendation I purchased a pair of Ahmeek's. I also sprung for a custom topskin for a little added fun. Cut to last ski season - I rode my new skis last season for 30+ days in New England. These Skis Rock! They ski everything well from frozen granular, corduroy, mashed potatoes, New England corn and of course POW. They float like no other ski I've had in deep POW and iI am amazed at what they can do on ice. I'm not sure how camber pockets work, but I assure you they do! I was initially concerned by the width. After all they are 105 underfoot, but Iwidth is not an issue. The skis are so stable at speed and they are as quick edge-to-edge than anything I have skied in the past. I am Sold - Wider is Better!! I also worked with Jeff to come up with a custom topskin which are certainly a conversation starter on the lift. Treat yourself - Buy a pair of Shaggy's!

Do you think we should turn them in?

The fourth ski of demo day was pure white, no graphics, no details except it was the skinniest underfoot of the day. My buddy had been on the same Hubbell prototype all day exclaiming it was the best ski he ever skied. It was a spring day with high crud banks that can turn any pole plant into an ear plant for unsuspecting or veteran. From the chair it was a tuck down to crank city whereas turns became linked arcs, edge to edge in the fall line. The goal of ski snow contact was easily achieved across flats over the headwall and rollers. The initiation of turns was effortless as they were so stable cruising through the piles of crud like a coast guard ice cutter. The ski when loaded up under pressure went into the arc with a pop that released into the next turn with a slingshot of energy that kept up the warp speed. Be it a long comfortable sweep across the slope or a quick demanding swivel, this ski was as welcome treat to the feet after a season on race skis. They were simply fun to ski, yet precise, stable, reliable, energized to let one descend downhill allowing the slope beneath to massage your balanced core without distraction or distortion. If you think of a descent down as if traveling over eggshells, the goal being not to crack through any of them without a gouge, jam or jarring slam of your energy, this ski allowed me to do so.
My buddy said "Naw! when I asked him if we should turn them in after a full afternoon of delight. I think you would find them fun to turn on!

Love these skis!

I've skid these ladies in Michigan, Montana and Colorado and they are amazing in all conditions. I even race on them in my beer league! Wide underfoot, yet easy to turn and very responsive! I highly recommend these skis to friends and strangers all the time. Get a pair! You won't be disappointed!

I ride a 168; I'm 5'3 and there isn't much I won't try on the Madoras

Beautiful and Quality

I got Ahmeek 174s. Performed as great powder and backcountry skis, they were the go-to in my quiver this season.

The art on the graphic is fantastic and got me plenty of compliments in the lift lines. Only issue I had is minor chipping of the graphic at the edges, but this did not detract from the skis performance and was easily fixed with epoxy. Would highly reccomend to anyone looking for a pair of skis and/or some art for the lodge.


The Medoras are my go to ski for all conditions and they are particularly fun in powder and crud. Confidence inspiring, I skied some steep slopes in both Michigan and Alaska on my Medoras and they felt amazing. They hold an edge on corduroy and I can't imagine skiing deep snow without them. Awesome skis!

Great skies for women too

I've tried many skies over the years and my Tubby's are by far my favorite. This ski is fun for both play and aggressive skiing. Its only limitation is ice. Spring skiing with soft snow is where this ski has a major advantage over other skies. I have a second pair of shaggy skies - sarge 95 which I also enjoy. I bought my Sarge for those icy days, but I find myself switching skis regularly between the two because I like the variety for changing skiing conditions. We have a farm that I will use my tubbys on for back country skiing. The marker EPF touring bindings work great for this. Thank you for designing the tubby ski. It is a ton of fun, especially after you get used to them.


This past ski season was the first season on my Belle's and, to be quite honest, probably my best season on skis ever and I've been skiing for over 50 years!! When I first demo'd them, I knew after just a few runs, that I was in LOVE! These ski perform in everything...They truly are an all mountain ski. I skied Winter Park, CO this year and my Belle's did not disappoint! From the groomers to the famous Mary Jane Territory, my Belle's were eager to take me where ever I wanted to go! A trip to Banff in Alberta, Canada the end of March was enhanced by the daily dumping of fresh snow...powder? No problem for my Belle's! I truly LOVE these skis! I will never rent or travel without them, because I know that they will perform every single time, no matter the conditions. I'm so happy I own a pair of these magic skis...the magic is added sometime during the building process...Maybe it's because they are Michigan Made...and you can't get any better than that!

Awesome Ahmeek!

If you are looking for the ultimate "everything" ski, this is IT...

I have owned 6 pairs of Ahmeek's. I don't replace them because of wear and tear. (extremely durable).

I replace them because my friends "borrow" them, and "forget" to return them (because they like them so much)...

They turn like high performance GS ski on firm/icy snow, and Love to Frolic in the Mashed Potato and Powder. The Current Pair I have is customized. I thought it would deter further "borrowing" from my ski buddies, (My Name is in the Ptex on the Base). SO FAR, I still have them... LOL... But if they get "Borrowed", I will be back at Shaggy's getting pair #7. Don't wait for a Demo Day. You don't need to. These Skis will amaze you!

2018 Hubbell 85

I was approached by Jeff and John Thompson to test the Hubbell 85 in March 2017. They knew I spend a great deal of time skiing 85 underfoot skis from another company which I've had a long standing relationship. I was initially intrigued by this ski as the 85 ski segment is a majority of the skis you would see at my home area (Boyne Mountain). The conditions skied were spring snow starting with groomed corn which deteriorated to corn with huge piles. This is usually requires a strong attention to ski control. Let me say the Hubbell delivered like I never would imagined. The ski was very easy to ride. I was able to "center" on the ski in all conditions presented. On other skis I would have stayed off the tips a bit to avoid any over the front "moments". I was able to easily ride over and through the corn clumps like I was riding fresh groomed snow. One of my buddies remarked that I looked like one of the few people having fun charging through the junk that day. The consistency of the ski was very impressive. I would not have imagined a "skinny ski" of the 85 to perform the way the Hubbell did in the conditions presented. I can't wait to get on them again when the 2018 season begins.


I bought these skis a few years ago, and I wouldn't want to ski a different pair of skis ever again! The first few turns on these skis I knew that they were a pair of skis that were perfect for skiing anything that came my way. I have skied these skis on the iciest hills in Vermont, groomers in Montana, and snow up to my waist in Wyoming and they have been amazing. Being a racer all my life I wanted an aggressive ski, but I knew it was time to move to an all mountain ski. These skis were a perfect choice because I can still rip some great turns, but now it doesn't matter how much snow is on the ground or what the conditions are because these skis will make it through anything. Very happy I own a pair of shaggy's, especially these ones!

More Than A Specialized Ski

While the Tubby is labeled as a ski strictly for powder, don't sell them short. The full rocker tip and tail, coupled with the dimensions, allow you to blast through the fresh, but the design offers much more than just ski reserved for the best of days. Skiing the Midwest all season with multiple trips westward allowed me to ski The Tubby on almost every snow condition imaginable - from fluff, to sugar, to crud, the Tubby slashed through them all with optimal performance. Never once did I feel the edge slip during any condition - even on the most pristine of groomed runs. While it tackles various conditions with confidence, the Tubbys time to shine is on the pow days we strive for. Playful when you want em to be, and aggressive as ever when the conditions call for it. Try em out - you'll be hooked after the first lap.

All-Mountain Rockets

The Brockway 95’s do it all. They offer the right amount of pop to launch you out of your turns on the hard pack, yet keep you afloat in the Midwest crud. Not to mention, I get compliments on them at every resort I take them to!


These skis do it all! I've ripped em' anywhere from the mid-west crud to tight tree lines to Corbers Coulior on a pow day. One of the things I was worried about with this ski was stability at high speeds, but I was quickly proven wrong after a couple laps on these bad boys. You can effortlessly link together sharp turns when you are ripping down your favorite local groomer. The ski is very reactive and stable in your average skiing conditions unlike alot of other pow skis I have ridden.

My favorite part about these skis is how well they handle in pow. No matter how deep, you honestly feel like you are skiing on a cloud when you're on a pair of Tubbys.This ski takes skiing pow to the next level. Skiing trees is just as fun because no matter how tight the line these skis are QUICK! You bounce through the grarliest tree lines as easy as walking to your mailbox. I would for sure recomend them to anybody looking for a new pair of planks. #skishaggys

The most rippin' of carbon sticks Iv'e ever skied

Holy wow! When I first unwrapped these puppies from their shipping container I was smitten. I went with the custom artwork and matte finish. The feel of the top sheet is smooth and can distract you from the mountain views beware! Not only are they beautious, but they RIP! I was very impressed with how light the carbon ski is in relation to its ski ability. My previous Dynafit skis are your typical ultralight ski-mountaineer's choice and my Phoenix 105 are lighter AND ski better. GO Michigan! I have the 174cm. I can point them in pow and wiggle a tiny turn. These are my go to Utah powder ski. I even ride them in-bounds!

Superb Shred Stick

I am a former racer, meaning that I am hooked on going fast and chasing the biggest angles that I can. I put this ski through the wringer. Simply put - this thing shreds. No matter how much speed and energy I brought into the turn, it ALWAYS provided a stable platform as I progressed from one turn to the next. This ski had no problem holding an edge through the most aggressive turns I forced it through - the only time I have ever found that level of hold was in a set of race skis.

So I knew it could handle the frontside highspeed ripping of a racer, but how about when we're getting away from the groomers? The Brockway is light, nimble, and incredibly responsive. Something in your way? A slight adjustment of direction or pressure and you are free and clear with time to set up for your next obstacle.

As a Superb Shred Stick, I would highly recommend the Brockway 95... and the nanoMAG Damping Technology is no joke either... You have to feel it to understand, but talk about confidence inspiring! You will absolutely be hearing about more of this damping technology in the coming years! I can't say enough good things about this great product, having skied on many different brands and styles of "All Mountain Skis", I would definitely choose this ski for a day on the hill in ANY conditions - it's that good!

Envy of the street

I have now bought 2 of these boards for my kids- and everyone wants to know where they got them. Solid construction and a great ride. I would highly recommend a Shaggys board before you go look anywhere else.

The One You Want

Talk about a ski that can can do damn near everything. Many claim to have a very diverse ski on the market, but none deliver as much as the Sarge does. The Sarge bridges the gap that is so hard to overcome - the combination of a park and all mountain ski. You can spend days on end sliding rails and slamming the Sarge on icy landings - knowing you'll still get great edge contact and hold while turning on the groomers and glades. Everything will stay well intact too, given the how durable the ski is. Worried they won't perform well on a pow day? Don't fret; the rocker and waist are more than capable of tackling some fresh, fluffy snow. Better yet, when it's a blue bird park lap day, the rocker makes the ski that much more playful. For the park rider that wants access to a little more, or the all mountain skier that wants to try some park laps - this is the ski for you.

Love these skis

I love these skis. Great for both groomers and powder. I've had great days shredding this ski in the midwest and on bigger terrain found out west. I was super happy with the fact that I could customize my graphic so my logo was on it! ( @TheMountCo) I would absolutely recommend these skis to a friend and I was happy buying from a Michigan made company!

Skis for Skiiers

Shaggy's makes the skis you want, even if you didn't know you wanted them yet. I love my original pair of Shaggy's 175's (c. 2009?), and rarely want to ride skis made by anyone else. Wide, stiff, and with ample sidecut, they have been my go to pair for all conditions since I stopped smashing plastic poles.

I got to ride the Phoenix 105'sx184 mounted with Axl bindings and tRace boots for a couple of early spring laps on a closed ski area in VT. Conditions were something just short of boiler plate at the summit, but softened up to a lovely corn for the bottom two thirds. They climbed easily, and managed well on the re-frozen crud at high altitude, especially for their width, but really shone when the snow softened on the descent. Shaggy's is building a reputation for making skis that handle the snow people actually ski, and the Pheonixes do not disappoint. I was somewhat concerned that the 184 might be a lot of ski to freeheel on, but their lightness and early rise makes them feel more like my trusty old 175s, and made me glad they weren't shorter. The ski's tips and tails are forgiving, but the cambered section is more than stiff enough to perform when I hammered down with the Axl/tRaces.

Verdict: These skis rock. Uphill. Downhill. Ice. Corn. Fixed heel or Free.

Would t buy anything else

I've been skiing 17 of my 20 years on this planet and I have never skied a ski like the ahmeek. It destroys soft mushy snow and makes spring skiing fun. But on those cool crisp mornings when I used to grab my slalom race skis to attack the icy cord, now I choose my ahmeeks. I have never skied a fat ski that is so versatile. I have skied this ski from the icy terrain in northern Michigan to wet spring skiing in Vermont and wouldn't have wanted anything else under my boot. If you are in the market for a pair of skis, and are only getting one pair, I would recommend this ski as it will do everything you want it to and more.

Awesome Skis

I rode the Sarges for the first time this fall/early winter and instantly fell in love. Being a heavy park rider who still enjoys putting down some crisp turns a couple times a day, I instantly fell in love with the camber pockets that are found in many skis of across shaggy's line but more importantly in the Sarges. These camber pockets allow the edges of the skis to get worn down from use in the terrain park and even normal wear and tear without sacrificing the edge hold I look for when laying down carves on steep runs. Another strong suit of the Sarge is its durability. I have upwards of 70 days this season almost all of which were spent riding a Terrain Park and I have never had a ski hold up better with that kind of heavy use and stress that I put them through on a regular basis. Shaggy's also has great customer service and they really want their customers to get the most out of their skiing and enjoy riding their skis as much as they enjoy making them. I have recommended Sarges to all my friends and to everyone who asks me about my skis on the chairlift so if you are on the fence about buying these ski, do it! You will not be disappointed.

Float like a butter fly turn great in trees

Picked up a pair of Bella's for my daughter Kelsey for her 1st trip out to Steamboat week of 2/24/17. We had about 22 inches of powder in 72 hrs I hike up to east face with her & she floated through it lie a pro. She is a small girl about 107 lbs 5'3" maybe! She loved skiing the trees on the Bella and o had no worries about the girl taking on anything with this ski. Happy Dad will email Sheri photo of her powder day. Awesome ski.

Awesome ski

I purchased the Ameek in a 180 new last fall road thrmi Colorado in December at Winterpark, then in February & March at Steamboat & Coooer, rest of the time at Boyne. Ski was stable on hard pac, nibble in bumPs & steeps, love up to 10" of both Michigan & Colorado POW! Can perform good in crud. Happy with ski is an under statement. I could of purchased any ski o market & I chpice Shaggy Ahmeek 105 never had a 2nd thought since day 1 I clicked in them. Since my Ahmeeks I have purchased a set of Belle 95 for my loving wife & awsome daughter. what better recommdation could I give to a ski company then placing those I love on them. Plus is Shair Thompson & her family are unbelievably awesome to deal with. Shari & her boys & husband are always willing to help. She did a great job as the soft spoken master mind behind the desk. :)

Ferrari's for your feet !

Amazing turning radius..just pressure the tips and hang on ! Smooth and stable at high speed and cuts thru the crud with ease. Huge fun quality build..made in northern Michigan just adds to the coolness. High performance skis for demanding skiers.. Thanks Shaggys !!


First ski day on my special edition Lake Superior Ahmeeks at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN. Groomed conditions with some icy patches. I actually brought a second pair of older, narrower skis to the hill with me, just in case. The Ahmeeks didn't leave my feet all day... unbelievable carving power and control from such a wide ski. They begged to be skied fast, and they were extremely stable underfoot. If Shaggy's mission statement involves giving their clients their best possible days on the hill, mission accomplished for me. Can't wait to take them to Utah in a few weeks. Thanks for creating such a great product, Shaggy's, and best to all in 2017!

Love my Brockways

I've been skiing on my new Brockways since the start of the 2016-17 season. They've been great in everything I've skied including powder dumps, deep crud, groomed runs, and boiler plate. The ski is an excellent carver and more than lives up to the title "all mountain ski." I can ski anything I want with the Brockways...thanks Shaggy's.

"Shaggy's Ski MFG" Crew Sweatshirt
Heavenly soft

This has become my favorite sweatshirt. It's unbelievably soft, washes up beautifully and fits really well. The neckline is slightly scooped so it's really comfortable – not too tight but not too revealing either. All in all I think this is the best sweatshirt I've ever had .

They aren't joking when they say one ski quiver!

From Mt.Bohemia in MI to Araphoe Basin in CO my 15-16 Ahmeeks crushed it in pow and on groomers. Tons of float and great ride. I have the red checked plaid "da ski" version and get tons of compliments about them.

Hold on tight!

Things thing is a rocket ship. Put it on edge and hold on tight 'cause it'll rip some groomers and leave your eyes watering. Get it in some light fluffy stuff and it'll keep you floating on top in cruise mode and when your favorite tree run turns into a banked slalom, the short tail helps you maneuver the variable turns with ease. Don't be fooled, the Hoffmaster can handle it all and keep you coming back for more.

Quiver Killer

Playful and poppy at low speeds, aggressive and solid at high speeds, simply put the Superior is a quiver killer. You can put your hip on the snow and drag some knuckles across the corduroy with no worries of loosing an edge or hold a press through that 30 stair you've had your eye on all summer (or in my dreams). Living in Michigan the weather is a crap shoot and you never really know what conditions will be or where you'll be riding but with the Superior it doesn't matter. It rides everything.

Playful Pop

Perfect blend of playfullness and responsiveness. This board will allow you press like a king while still being able to drop a carve when needed. Most boards don't last half a season for me and I'll be riding the same Superior next season I rode all last year! Can't go wrong with a Michigan made product


When I originally bought the Hoffmaster, I thought I would be switching it out for my twin tip board every other trip to the hill, but I have not touch any of my other snowboards since I first strapped into the Hoffmaster. It is such a fun board to go fast and carve hard. I am still waiting for the powder day to really see what this board can do. This board holds an edge like no other board that I have ridden and brought back the playful/aggressive carving that I love to do.

Sizing Chart

Sizing skis is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science. There are numerous factors that all effect the optimal ski length for you. 

A few of the factors are:

The list could go on and on, but if you need help with the decision, always feel free to call us at 231.459.4323, live chat, or email us!

Here's a basic chart based solely on height, to get you started.

Height Suggested Lengths (cm)
5' 135-155
5'2" 145-165
5'4" 150-170
5'6" 155-175
5'8" 160-180
5'10" 165-185
6' 170-190
6'2" 175-195
6'4" 180-200