Fun Carver 88

152-88-115 | R=13m

The Fun Carver 88 is like a 4x4 slalom ski. It rips super short radius turns on hardpack and groomers, then blasts through variable crud with ease. Carve up next level turns and make every vertical foot count with this beast.

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Fun Carver 88 - FC5
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Fun Carver 88 - FC3
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Fun Carver 88 - FC6
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Fun Carver 88 - FC1
$ 999.00

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All Mountain Carving
Snow Types
Groomed, Crud/Variable, Powder, Spring Corn, Hardpack
Open Runs/Trails, Moguls, Trees
Moderate flexing huge tip and rock solid, race inspired tail

Fun Carver 88 Details


A huge powder inspired 152 mm rockered tip - an 88 mm frontside friendly waist - and a race inspired stiff flat tail…

Until we name it, we’re calling it the Fun Carver 88. It’s the only name that does it justice. Or maybe we should just call it the reverse mullet - party in the front, business in the back.

This ski will make you a better skier and people on the chairlift will turn their heads in awe as you rip immaculate slalom turns on a ski with a 150 mm + tip!

If you want to make every vertical foot count with tight turns, then hop off the trail in fresh pow - there’s only one ski you want - and it’s this one!  It’s weird, funky, and kind of confusing to look at - but the sh!% eating grin on your face after your first run will tell the whole story.

This isn’t a one ski quiver -  it’s different. It’s the ski that compliments your true All Mountain skis, (like the Ahmeek 105s you probably already have). 

This is the Fun Carver, it’s extremely easy to initiate those high-G tight slalom inspired turns with the energy and pop of a one year old Siberian Husky. With a moderate flexing tip and rock solid tail, this ski is the whole package, even when you want to let it run medium-to-large radius turns.

And now on to the technical jargon...

  • Full ash hardwood core - for maximum snap and pop
  • Full width biaxial carbon fiber for increased torsional stiffness = more grip
  • nanoMAG Damping System to reduce chatter and vibration on hardpack snow
  • Rockered tip for easy turn initiation and the blast through powder/crud/variable snow
  • Traditional camber underfoot for immediate edge grip
  • Stiff flat tail for rocket-like energy coming out of a turn - but it’s still easy enough to break out of a turn


Fun Carving Skis

Length (cm) Dimensions (mm) Turning Radius (m) Mounting Setback (cm) Weight (g/ski)
168 152-87.5-115 12.5
174 152-87.5-115 13.5 -9.5 1910
180 152-87.5-115 14.5 -9.5 1910
Family, Friends, Fun

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