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Here at Shaggy's we are a family, we don't have a "pro" team, we are a group of skiers that genuinely love our sport. We simply craft products to make you smile more when you're sliding on the snow!


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    Sizing Chart

    Sizing skis is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science. There are numerous factors that all effect the optimal ski length for you. 

    A few of the factors are:

    The list could go on and on, but if you need help with the decision, always feel free to call us at 231.459.4323, live chat, or email us!

    Here's a basic chart based solely on height, to get you started.

    Height Suggested Lengths (cm)
    5' 135-155
    5'2" 145-165
    5'4" 150-170
    5'6" 155-175
    5'8" 160-180
    5'10" 165-185
    6' 170-190
    6'2" 175-195
    6'4" 180-200