Mad River Glen Skiing: East Coast Demo Tour

Mad River Glen Skiing: East Coast Demo Tour

For New Year's 2020 week, half of the Shaggy's Crew drove out to the East Coast for a week of ski demos in New England! Our third demo stop was the iconic Mad River Glen, VT.

Shaggy's Mad River Glen Demo

Visiting Mad River Glen felt like a pilgrimage for us. The ski area is known for minimal snowmaking, very little grooming, a ban on snowboarders, and its unique single chair, one of two remaining in North America!

Mad River Glen Single Chair

The enthusiasm of the skiers was incredible! Anyone who comes to Mad River Glen is there for the skiing - no luxury accommodations, fancy restaurants, or spas to be seen.

Shaggy's Mad River Glen Demo Event

Feedback from those who demoed our skis was very positive, and we crossed paths with some local Shaggy's owners.

Shaggy's Vermont Demo

We were fortunate enough to get some laps in ourselves! Though just about all of New England had a less-than-stellar start to winter up to that point, we still had an absolute blast on the soft bumps and in the classic, tight Northeast glades. We're happy when we're skiing, no matter the conditions!

Mad River Glen Cliff Skiing

Thanks again to Mad River Glen for hosting us and being so accommodating. Plan your pilgrimage! More info at

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