by Jeff Thompson November 08, 2017

For Halloween 2017 we traveled back up to Michigan Technological University in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula (where Shaggy's all began) to sponsor a rail jam and do some vibration testing on our new nanoMAG Damping System option on the Brockway 95s. We'll be releasing the results of our vibration testing soon!

After the ski vibration testing, we were out on Michigan Tech's campus with their ski and snowboard club to get stoked for winter! Ambassador Collin Rehm came up from Marquette, MI and skied onto the podium! 

We had a blast back in the Copper Country and will be back soon! Check out the rail jam recap video below!

Check out all the skis at:

Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson

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Sizing Chart

Sizing skis is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science. There are numerous factors that all effect the optimal ski length for you. 

Blog Post About How to Size and Pick Skis

A few of the factors are:

The list could go on and on, but if you need help with the decision, always feel free to call us at 231.459.4323, live chat, or email us!

Here's a basic chart based solely on height, to get you started.

Height Suggested Lengths (cm)
5' 135-155
5'2" 145-165
5'4" 150-170
5'6" 155-175
5'8" 160-180
5'10" 165-185
6' 170-190
6'2" 175-195
6'4" 180-200