Crafted in Northern MI, Skied Worldwide

With the lack of snow and a dismal looking forecast, Shaggy’s ambassador Norman Berge, along with Elly Pascoe, packed up and headed to Lake Tahoe to make the most of Christmas break. Out there, they met up with another brand ambassador, Nick Ford. We thought “Tahoe Takeover” was fitting. Day 1: The group set out for a day at Northstar. Having such a fun time ripping all over the mountain, it was hard to stop and get some shots. A lift ride shot had to do; Elly riding on her 166 Brockways and Norm on the 184 Phoenix. IMG_1941.JPG Norm also managed to find a stash of powder. Day 2: After dropping Nick off to work ski patrol at Northstar, Norm and Elly headed to Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows. Feeling confident, they headed up the Headwall lift at Squaw in search of some steep terrain. They found it along with some nice rock faces. A post-lunch shuttle ride to Alpine uncovered tree skiing along with some back bowls making it a great day on snow. IMG_1947.JPG Day 3: a FULL day at Kirkwood. Pow. Steep, deep, and all to ourselves. The skis of choice were Brockway for Elly, Phoenix for Norm, and Nick on his Ahmeeks.
Day 4: The group decided to head back to Squaw Valley and got some turns with a friend who is local to Squaw. A little exploring required and a few “woah thats big” moments made for some good terrain with even better snow. Lapping the steeps in the sunshine gave for great skiing on great skis. IMG_2150.JPG Sunset over the mountains of Squaw on Day 4. Day 5: The final day of this Tahoe takeover brought Norm, Nick, and Elly back to Northstar. Avoiding the crowded lift lines, it was off to ski Lookout Mountain, another peak of Northstar that housing the most difficult terrain the resort has to offer. Ski patroller Nick was also stationed here for the day. Elly found some powder which was a great way to end the trip!! IMG_1977.JPG A sunset over Lake Tahoe made for a great close to the Tahoe takeover.

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