Crafted in Northern MI, Skied Worldwide

The production season has been well underway for a while now and skis are pressing faster than we can finish them. September 6th (9-06, 906 day, UP area code...) brought us the release of Da Ski -- a Limited Edition Yooper Ahmeek 105! We are excited to send these skis all over the country to spread the Yooper love, orders have been placed from the Atlantic to the Pacific and all the way up to Alaska. Da_Skis_Yooper_Ahmeek_Wide-Side Our production schedule keeps our team busy all week long and we are currently looking for another person to join our small production crew, email us if you're interested and get in at the grassroots level! Skis_Uncut_on_Rack The finishing racks are full of the new Ahmeek 105s! Wet Grinder We have repurposed one of our ski grinders into a vertical wet deflasher. This thing really rips down the extra epoxy!
Bella_the_ski_Husky Bella the Siberian Husky is the newest addition to our shop dogs! She is the puppy of Jeff and Stephanie and will see you in the backcountry this Winter! Knife_Cut_Bases And that's all for today! We're constantly building new skis and filling your orders, the earlier you order, the earlier we can deliver. Hope to see you on the snow this winter and keep watching the blog for some exciting events coming this Fall!

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