September 2016 Ski Production

September 2016 Ski Production

The end of summer/start of fall 2016 has been a very hectic one. In June we started building out a new factory about two miles down the road from our old facility. We had hoped to be done with our adjustments before we had to move our equipment at the end of June, but as always, things didn't go so smoothly. We found ourselves packing all of our current equipment, along with some new equipment, all over the new facility well before we were ready to place anything. 

Getting the new facility ready was a long process that went well into August, and there is still plenty of things we need to finish. Even with work needing to be finished, we needed to get back to crafting skis. We placed equipment and workstations with a great flow to keep parts moving forward. We learned tons about how we produce skis with others at our past facility for five years. Armed with that knowledge, we've been able to get up and running and are finally starting to get back in the swing of things.

We've been working on bringing back production employees and hiring new ones to keep up with demand. 

We're working hard to make sure you get your skis as fast as we can make them! We appreciate your patience! I'll let the photos do the talking, and you can see a partial day here at the new ski production shop.

Pressing Skis

Ski Layup - Handmade Skis

Shaggy's Woodshop

Ski Materials

John cutting out skis

Wood for ski cores

Ski Core CNC Machine

Work Bench

Bella the Shop Dog


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