Crafted in Northern MI, Skied Worldwide

Ahmeek 85

119-85-104 | R=18m @ 174cm

Discover the Ahmeek 85, a playful yet strong on-and off trail all mountain ski for firmer snow conditions. Its narrow waist and camber pockets ensure confident edge grip, while moderate flex and full twin tail provide agile maneuverability in bumps and trees.

Best For: Groomers, Bumps, Gladed Trees


The Ahmeek 85 is made for skiers looking for a playful ski to take all over the mountain when you haven't seen fresh snow in weeks. It's narrow waist and camber + camber pockets underfoot provide you with confidence to hold an edge when the snow is icy and firm. Heading for the bumps? Its moderate flex is forgiving and easy to whip around at both high and low speeds. Heading off the trail? Like it's big brothers (Ahmeek 95/105/115), the Ahmeek 85 features a full twin tail for quick maneuverability in the tight trees. 

When you want a ski to keep things interesting and explore the mountain but don't hit much fresh snow, stop shopping here at the Ahmeek 85 and start your best winter yet.



Ahmeek 85 Side Profile Rocker + Camber Specs
Length (cm) Dimensions (mm) Turning Radius (m) Mounting Setback (cm) Weight (g/ski)
186 119-85-104 20-22.5 -7.0 1975
180 119-85-104 20-22 -6.7 1860
174 119-85-104 18-20 -6.4 1845
168 119-85-104 17.75-19 -4.9 1750
162 119-85-104 16-18 -4.9 1650


  • Tip rocker maximizes flotation in powder and busts through crud.
  • Full twintip tail allows the Ahmeek 85 to maneuver easily in the tightest trees.
  • Camber Pockets molded within the overall camber triple the turn initiation contact points for maximum edge grip on hardpack.
  • Hybrid MidLight construction combines ash and poplar hardwoods with carbon fiber and lightweight triaxial fiberglass for weight reduction without sacrificing pop and energy.
  • Balanced flex allows skiers to charge groomers and big terrain, yet have enough flex in the tip and tail to remain playful across the mountain and float through powder.
  • Rounded mini-cap top edge with full-height UHMW sidewalls are bombproof and provide a sleek look.