Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia - Extreme skiing in Michigan

Video: Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia 2020

Ahhhhh....Shaggy's Family Vacation! No matter what time of year it is, just mentioning the event gets us excited. What's better than a long weekend of fun, friends, skiing, and snow in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula?

Mount Bohemia Yurt and Mountain in Michigan

What is Shaggy's Family Vacation? It's a four-day-long trip to Mount Bohemia that we take every year with our entire staff, ambassadors, friends, customer, and anyone else who wants to join us on the snow. It's our chance to share our love for skiing, not just through building skis, but also by living it!

Shaggy's Family Vacation Group at Mount Bohemia

Here at Shaggy's, we're all about having as much fun as we possibly can whenever we're out on the snow. Of course, it's not difficult to have a blast on a powder day, but on those days when the snow isn't perfect, we enjoy ourselves just as much. Family Vacation is as much about the time spent and memories made with friends, old and new, as it is about the skiing itself.

Shaggy's Skis at Mount Bohemia

This year's pilgrimage to Mount Bohemia was a bit different than last year's - it was warm! Usually skiing along the spine of the Keweenaw in late January means cold temps and super light, fluffy lake-effect snow, but Mother Nature decided to change things up for the third annual Shaggy's Family Vacation. We did get fresh snow each day, but it was wet, heavy snow that was accompanied by a bit of fog - more reminiscent of skiing in the Pacific Northwest!

Shaggy's at Mount Bohemia Chute

The dense snow skied extremely well, so there was no shortage of fun had by everyone there! And what a showing by the Shaggy's Family - it was incredible to see tons of Shaggy's customers make the trip to Mount Bohemia specifically for this year's Family Vacation!

Shaggy's Skis at Mount Bohemia

Shaggy's Family


The wet snow clung to the trees, making for a surreal landscape.

Shaggy's at Mount Bohemia Powder

 The stoke was high on each lap, even on the lift rides!

Shaggy's Boho Triple Chair

Ambassador Elly Pascoe found a nice line through some steeps on her Medora 105 all mountain powder skis.

Shaggy's Mount Bohemia Cliffs

Long time ambassador Dan "The Man" Fredricks always has a blast slicing through the trees. He makes it look easy on his custom flat-tail Ahmeek 105s!

Shaggy's Snowy Trees at Mount Bohemia

Day one ended with a group photo in a dense fog atop Mount Bohemia!

Skiing at Mount Bohemia - Day 1 Mount Bohemia Shaggy's Family Vacation Group Photo

To start out day two, a few of us hiked out to Little Boho to get our blood flowing. Little Boho is a smaller, hike-to, area out the backside of Mount Bohemia's parking lot. It's terrain is moderate, but when you're looking for fresh snow, it always delivers. After a short hike out, you'll ski down and get shuttled back up by a Bohemia bus - or in our case - the back of a pickup!

Shaggy's Little Boho Hiking

After a quick lap there, we hopped back on the lifts at Boho and found more fresh turns. There was plenty of untracked snow to be found all over the mountain!

Shaggy's Powder Slash Mount Bohemia

Woodshop CNC wizard Ryan Kildee shows off punching through some tight trees - this is the guy that makes your ski cores!

Shaggy's Jib Mount Bohemia

Having fun with friends, new and old - what skiing is all about!

Shaggy's Skis Mount Bohemia Summit

Shaggy's Family Vacation Group

New for this year was a Shaggy's scavenger hunt. We hid "Shaggy's ski shrines" at three different locations on the mountain! Anyone who found all three and showed us their photos got some free Shaggy's swag!



Shaggy's Mount Bohemia Scavenger Hunt

Day three saw even more members of the Shaggy's Family make it to Mount Bohemia to join in on the fun!

Shaggy's Family Vacation Day 3

The wet snow continued to fall and make for some great winter scenes on the chairlift.

Double Chairlift at Mount Bohemia - Powder Skiing in Michigan

Soft turns all weekend!

Shaggy's Family Vacation Skiing Day 3

Not every turn goes as planned... That said, Kam may have just wanted to show thoses bases for the camera!

Falling at Mount Bohemia

We got a great group photo on Saturday afternoon in the densest fog of the weekend then enjoyed a great group run back to the base.

Shaggy's Mount Bohemia Takeover

To cap off the weekend, we gave away a pair of custom Mount Bohemia skis Saturday night. Needless to say, the winner was a bit excited!

Shaggy's Mount Bohemia Ski Giveaway

Of course the skiing was an absolute blast, but the best part of the trip was seeing the Shaggy's Family out in full force. Some of you we know well and have skied with many times before, and for others, it was our first time meeting you and skiing with you.

We hope you had as much fun as we did, and thanks for coming out and having fun with us! Of course, a huge thank you goes out to Mount Bohemia for again being such a gracious and accommodating host!

And to everyone who didn't make it, plan on joining us next year, dates coming soon!

-The Shaggy's Family

PS: Check out photos and behind the scenes video clips at:

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