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Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia (2020) was one for the books! We had so much GoPro footage, we split the VLOG into four parts. 

Friday - We started day two of Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia with a skin/hike out to Little Boho (access from the parking lot) to get our blood pumping before the lifts turned. Ambassadors Norm and Logan sent it over a nice lip at the final pitch of Little Boho, then it was time to get back to the mountain for turns in the clouds.

Things got a bit foggy near the top of Bohemia later in the day, but the limited visibility and heavy snow made us thankful for the vast acreage of gladed terrain. Follow ski layup master Chad, who just learned to ski three years ago and has fully embraced the life of a ski builder!

The day concluded with a party at the Log Cabin Bar where we brought out some custom magnetic beer pong skis!

Saturday - We saved the best for last! The final day of Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia featured the best snow, the funniest moments, and of course the free ski giveaway to wrap up the weekend!

The third annual event was loads of fun, and we're already looking forward to Shaggy's Family Vacation 2021!

Watch in the coming weeks for the full recap video of Shaggy's Family Vacation 2020!

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