VLOG 002 - VLOGGING is Hard

VLOG 002 - VLOGGING is Hard

Two weeks ago we launched the Shaggy's VLOG to give you an inside look at our small ski company. We're committed to releasing a new episode every two weeks and it's been a bit harder than we thought.

Looking back at this episode it's clear that we need to have an idea of what we're going to show... before we start filming.

If you've ever seen a toddler shoot a video on a cell phone, then you're familiar with what we're doing in episode two.

There is a silver lining though! You'll get a sneak peek of a new limited edition ski graphic that we'll be releasing in September - so you better watch until the end!

Please let us know what you want to see in the comments below so we can stop running around our small ski factory with a camera and start making some fun VLOGs!


  • Nate Kalas

    What are the dimensions on “day ski”?

  • Tom

    Excited to see DaSki is back! I love mine! Love the new graphic, but no Stormy? How much has the Ahmeek changed over the years?

  • George Acker

    Probably already dialed into these guys but forgot to mention VLOGs from Warner Nickerson and Jon Olsson on You Tube for Vlog ideas. Warner in particular does stuff with former and current US Ski Team members, “kickin it with a badass”. He is great as a follow skier/filmer for Ted and others. Might be able to action vlog staff/customers, etc at Boyne, Bohemia, Porkies …………………………. I think some customers are clearly kick ass skiers. Jon on the other hand does a lot of life style stuff now but people are interested …………………………. latest Shaggymobile ????

  • George Acker

    OK, VLOG #3 …………………………………show layup and build of “Trolls” or other more ecclectic/eccentric/genius customer custom design just to highlight that part of the business !!!

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