August 22, 2019

Getting towards the end of Summer we are all getting excited about the coming winter!

Thinking of snow and skiing, we get the question "Why Michigan?" all the time.

Well we love it here! We ski lots of laps, ski all types of snow from ice to powder, and have a 5-6 month ski season!

But before we could finish filming, we had a ski core mislabeled and it sent the layup into a spin, needing to get three skis done in the time of one.

Watch out in the coming weeks for a complete "Why Michigan?" episode!

Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is the product engineer and a founding partner at Shaggy's. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. While he is not designing skis, scheduling production, and working the the ski factory, he is on the hunt for new backcountry areas throughout Michigan with his wife, Stephanie!

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