October 02, 2019

What happens at a small ski company when there's not snow on the ground? Well, we build skis!

Follow along to see what we do in the off-season and get an inside look at woodshop CNC wizard Ryan K making ski cores and shop mom Shari making ski topsheets.

2020 Skis: www.skishaggys.com/collections/2019-2020-skis

Custom Skis: www.skishaggys.com/collections/custom-skis

Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is the product engineer and a founding partner at Shaggy's. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. While he is not designing skis, scheduling production, and working the the ski factory, he is on the hunt for new backcountry areas throughout Michigan with his wife, Stephanie!

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