VLOG 006 - A Day at the Ski Factory: Part 1

VLOG 006 - A Day at the Ski Factory: Part 1

What happens at a small ski company when there's not snow on the ground? Well, we build skis!

Follow along to see what we do in the off-season and get an inside look at woodshop CNC wizard Ryan K making ski cores and shop mom Shari making ski topsheets.

2020 Skis: www.skishaggys.com/collections/2019-2020-skis

Custom Skis: www.skishaggys.com/collections/custom-skis


  • Josh Geisinger

    Always the best customer. Thanks Again!

  • Josh Geisinger

    Hey Jeff! Well, I splurged three years later… Could I possibly send my bindings/boot your way, to get it right? Or any recommendations would be great. I want the perfect (transferring to AT set-up). I appreciate your time. Thank You, Josh G.

  • Nate Kalas

    It’s pretty impressive what goes into making the top sheet and the wood core. Are the wood cores a solid piece of wood or a bunch glued together? Plus I like the guys Michigan tech sweat shirt. My brother graduated from there along with our grandpa.

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