Crafted in Northern MI, Skied Worldwide

Free Skis + Cat Skiing Trip

About Voodoo Mountain: Voodoo Mountain located just south of Copper Harbor Michigan and is operated and developed by Mount Bohemia. Voodoo is made of four peaks and the property is 1800 acres. This year Peak three is open with 12 runs. Long range plans will be skiing and riding on all four peaks making Voodoo the largest ski area by acreage in the Midwest.

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Dirk McCrum said:

Came across an ad on Facebook and decided to look into it since I’m in the market for a new pair of skis. I am very impressed with your skis and look forward to making a purchase in the next few days. Looks like you have a very good product with great reviews. I love that you’re a small company that really sets you apart from the big corporations. I always preferred to do business with a smaller company when possible. I’m confident that once I get these skis into Northern Maine you will get some more customers up this way.

Jayme Stiglich said:

I’d love to own a pair of Shaggy’s skis! I think it’s so cool that Shaggy’s are based in my home state, not to mention knowing the owners came from my home town! During the start of my skiing career on the high school ski team I was introduced to Shaggy’s skis and have loved them ever since.

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