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Winter Break - Seth Shuster

Winter Break - Seth Shuster

January 30, 2017

Part 1 – Minnesota

Mid December I was finally able to escape my workplace and head home for some time with the family… and skiing of course. Too bad the warm weather and rain killed the majority of snow that we had back home. Despite the lack of snow, the lifts were still spinning at Trollhaugen ski area in Dresser Wisconsin – que fast park laps. The 'Sarge 95 charged through the slush during the day and cut through the ice when the temperatures dropped. They held firm through every landing whether it was off of a rail a couple feet off the ground, or sending it to flat off of the jumps. Nick Shoess, and Kory Kirby were both behind the camera for the week, and a couple videos were the result. The hot laps were a blast for the time being, but my sights were set my trip out to Big Sky Montana, were some real skiing was a be done.

Human Being Ep 2 "Shameless"

Minute @ Troll

Part 2 – Montana

After a long, grueling, 37 hour bus ride jam packed with College Students, we finally pulled into Big Sky Montana. The 11,000 ft. high peak was quite the change from the typical 3/400 vertical ft hill back home. We were all giddy to do some skiing on real mountains. Even though there wasn’t any fresh snowfall, I clicked into the Tubby’s in the hopes of finding some left over pow stashes. Sure enough, in the trees between the Dakota lift and Shedhorn lift, there was plenty of untouched, pristine, knee deep snow that was begging to be cut up – and we did just that. Every bit of untracked zones were quickly beat down by our tracks. Once one area was tracked out, we moved onto the next, and repeated the process.

Seth Shuster Skiing Powder

Photo: Simon Berghoef

The hunt continued throughout the mountain, going all the way over to Moonlight basin, as well as to the top on Lone Peak. The Tubby’s not only floated through the fluff, but also blasted through the tracked out snow that was around the rest of the mountain. Despite the negative temperatures all week, we were in our own glorious world for 4 days straight, leaving tracks on every single skiable part of the mountain – powder or otherwise. Luckily, Simon Berghoef and Andrea Hunt had their cameras on hand, and both got a shot to document the trip.

-Seth Shuster

Seth Shuster Shaggy's Ambassador

Photo: Andrea Hunt

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