Crafted in Northern MI, Skied Worldwide

We've welcomed some new members to the Shaggy's family. These skiers are your go to people on and off the hills to get you excited about our products. Please check out their profiles to learn more about each of them!

Norman Berge

Logan Stanley

Madeline Dunn

Dan Fredricks

Collin Rehm

Amanda Monthei

Austin Leder

Seth Shuster

Nick Ford

Jake Miller


Tom Sinkus said:

Can’t wait to finish this season on my new Shaggy’s. In looking at your team and ambassador’s is anyone over 25 years old? I am a mature “older guy” who loves Skiing and totally supports Made In Michigan. So with that said how about including some mature “old guys” to show skiing on Shaggy’s is for all ages and not just young folks – young being under 40.

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