Video: Yooper Tour - Day 2 - Stormy Kromer

Video: Yooper Tour - Day 2 - Stormy Kromer

On the second day of our Yooper Tour, we visited the Stormy Kromer factory then hit the backcountry for a day of skiing as many lines as we could find.

We'd like to thank Stormy Kromer for showing us around the factory, it's always great to meet brands that share a passion for producing such a high quality product!

Darrin Bergman

On Friday morning we woke up and headed to the Stormy Kromer factory to take a tour. I was amazed at the size of their operation. They produce so many quality products that aren’t even associated with their brand. Everyone there was so nice and inviting, you could tell that they believed in their brand.

Stormy Kromer and Shaggy's Skis - Backcountry Skiing in the Upper Peninsula

After we said our goodbyes at Stormy Kromer we headed to Copper Peak to do what we had set out to do originally, ski. Collin and I scoped lines from the road and ended up taking some nice laps under the huge Copper Peak ski jump. From there we headed up the road a ways to another zone. We skied a few lines there and ended up coming upon a beautiful waterfall. The day left us hungry so we grilled out on the side of the road and reminisced about a great second day of the trip.

Darrin Bergman Skiing the Ahmeek 105 All Mountain Skis in the Backcountry

Collin Rehm

The next morning we started early and made the trek to the Stormy Kromer factory in Ironwood. The weather was again, beautiful, with hardly a cloud in the sky. It was also 10 below on our drive out. The Stormy Kromer brand is iconic to the Upper Peninsula, and its factory is very impressive.

Collin Rehm on the Bootjack 115 - Ahmeek 115 - Powder Skis - All Mountain Skis

After a real life episode of ‘How It’s Made’ we headed out into the Ironwood backcountry in search of new zones for skiing. Between Ironwood and Lake Superior are miles and miles of nearly uninhabited rolling hills. Old-growth hardwoods dominate, and fortunately for us the base was still measured in feet here in the Lake effect belts. We found some great late season snow hidden under groves of gigantic hemlock trees.

Backcountry Skiing on Waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula

Further up the road and closer to Lake Superior, we found some steep gullies draining into the black river, which made for some great skiing! At the bottom was a beautiful partially frozen waterfall which made the skiing that much more enjoyable. Ironwood definitely has a lot of ski potential and I can’t wait to come back for more!

Old Growth Forests - Perfect for all mountain backcountry skiing

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Skis Used on the Yooper Tour 

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