Midwest Skiing - Episode 1: First Tracks

Midwest Skiing - Episode 1: First Tracks

The Midwest Skiing Video Series tells the tale of Midwest skiers at home and around the world. We might not have large vertical drops, the deepest snow, or the biggest terrain, but we are dedicated when it comes to sliding on the snow. We have some of the most accessible skiing in the world and ski it whenever we can. Skiing under the lights, hiking for first tracks, and lapping with friends; it’s not about the line of your life, it’s all about the memories made and smiling on the snow. This is Our Way of Life!


  • Doug Tally

    Thrilled for you all to get such an incredible start with snow for the season. First time instructing at Big Sky and I get consistant comments about Shaggys, they know you, or from your MI outline on my helmet. For everyone else it’s ’the bearartwork. Children would like a bow tie for a Daddy Bear and Jewelry for a Momma Bear.
    Kind Regards,

  • Varen Herman

    Thanks for sharing. Still waiting for my first turns in MN, but cold weather and a couple snowfalls this past week mean I can see them from here. Merry Christmas, Shaggy’s!

  • Bruce Geffen

    That was awesome!

  • David Busch

    Excellent work Shaggy. Your dedication to share the stoke of accessibility for the majority is second to none. I say," Chamomix. Aspen. Whistler. Houghton Hancock."

  • Gerri Braniecki

    Making a living doing what you love….nothing better

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