February 02, 2018


It felt like the day would never come that we would leave the ski factory and make our pilgrimage to Mount Bohemia for our first ever "Shaggy's Family Vacation!" Mount Bohemia was the perfect location for our family vacation because it's where we've developed ideas for new skis and it has introduced so many of us Midwesterners to deep snow and ungroomed terrain. And (of course) it's in the Copper Country, where it all began for us!

Shaggy's Skis at Mount Bohemia

We invited all of our customers, our friends, and our families to join us for a long weekend of cheering each other on, lapping all day, and jumping off just about anything we could find. 

Skiing at Mount Bohemia

We arrived on Wednesday night to Mount Bohemia with a small crew and tucked into our yurt for the night.

Ski Yurts - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

Thursday morning we were up early (we usually start building skis at 7:30 am!) and itching to get on the snow. We eagerly waited for the lifts to turn at 10:30 am and as soon as the bull wheel was cranking, we were headed up!

Going up the Lift at Mount Bohemia - Shaggy's Skis Family

We (the ski building crew) met up with some excited customers and took advantage of some leftover midweek powder from two days earlier. We quickly lapped Haunted Valley to get down to the Graveyard (a hike-out area) and burned some powder laps. From then on it was all sliding downhill and smiling like crazy. 

Logan Stanley Skiing Powder in Michigan at Mount Bohemia

We skied until the lifts stopped turning and then hit the hot tub to relax our burning legs!

Hot Tub at Mount Bohemia - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

After dinner, a few of us relaxed in the yurt and some went to the bar. Around 9:30 pm we heard a knock on the door of the yurt and went to invite whoever it was in. In pops "Dave from Minnesota"! From that point on, we knew we had another permanent addition to the Shaggy's family! Always smiling, let's just say we won't be forgetting Dave (and Dave if you're reading this, we're going to hold you to that trip to the factory).

Dave from Minnesota - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

Friday brought us the same routine, up early and waiting for the lifts again! We met up with more "family members" and the family at Bohemia kept growing. We we're smiling more than ever, even if the snow had slumped a bit... We skied all morning, had a bulk hot dog lunch, and went back out to shred!

Chad - Ski Layup Guru - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

The Ahmeek 105s were the ski of choice for Friday. From the crispy morning re-freeze to the afternoon corn, and slumped powder the Ahmeek 105s charged through every condition we could find. 

Jeff on the Ahmeek 105s - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

Friday night we again hit the hot tub, hung out at the bar swapping stories of the day, and finally hit the pillow for an early sunrise skin-lap up Bohemia.

Skinning Up - Midwest - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

Saturday came around and a few of us skinned up Bohemia at 7am to catch the sunrise over Lake Superior. The snow had re-frozen overnight and was nice and crusty/icy for our skin up. The view was definitely worth it though! 

Ian Skiing - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

After checking out the sunrise, we skied down the ice covered slopes and by the time we reached the bottom, our eyeballs were shaking from the crusty descent. We then grabbed a quick breakfast and skied over to the base of the lift to throw out some SWAG and get people excited for the last day of our trip!

SWAG Toss - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

Saturday brought us even more "family members" and we were stoked to ski with the people that made the long trip to ski with us!

Group Skiing Shaggy's - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

Stephanie on the Medora 105 Skis - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

We skied until our legs couldn't take any more and hung out at our tent, getting people signed up to win a custom pair of Mount Bohemia Ahmeek 105s at the end of the day!

Ski Giveaway - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

This trip was an awesome one for us! We always enjoy chatting with customers and building your skis; but it was oh SO MUCH BETTER, to get to rip with some of the Shaggy's Family!

Family Ski Trip - Shaggy's Family Vacation at Mount Bohemia

We'd like to thank everyone who came and made this trip so amazing. Without customers like you, none of this would be possible! 

Thanks for the memories,

The Shaggy's Family


PS: We're planning on doing this again next year, so watch your inbox and social media for updates! Don't miss out!




Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is the product engineer and a founding partner at Shaggy's. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. While he is not designing skis, scheduling production, and working the the ski factory, he is on the hunt for new backcountry areas throughout Michigan with his wife, Stephanie!

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