Video Recap: Exploring Snowbird Utah

Video Recap: Exploring Snowbird Utah

Exploring the Wasatch Mountains in Utah!

In March 2024 the Shaggy's shop crew and a few ambassadors traveled to Utah to explore the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

Day one brought us to the legendary Snowbird Ski Resort. We skied everything from zero visibility re-frozen ice off the tram, to slush at Gadzoom, and even a small taste of fresh snow in Mineral Basin.

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Group in Snowbird Parking Lot - Paid Parking Lot at Snowbird
Scouting lines at Snowbird Utah
Jumping off cliffs at Snowbird
Iconic Shaggy's Blue Die Cut Ski bases at Snowbird Utah
Carving skis hard in the trees at Snowbird Utah
Ben Riehle Skiing at Snowbird Utah - skiers from the Midwest in Utah
Shaggy's Skis Review - Skiing Snowbird in Utah - Jeff Thompson
Tram at Snowbird Utah - Skiing off the tram line
Gabe Carr at Snowbird Utah - Ski Builder
Jeff Thompson at Snowbird Utah - Ski Designer/Engineer
Lynn Wolf at Snowbird Utah - Ski Builder and Customer Service
Ben Riehle Shaggy's Ambassador Skiing at Snowbird Utah
Overlooking Mineral Basin at Snowbird Utah with Mohawk 98 all mountain skis in frame
Cliffs at Snowbird Utah
Shaggy's Skis out West - Skiing at Snowbird Utah
Skiing crud at Snowbird Utah
Secret stash of pow on an ice day at Snowbird Utah
Skiing Mineral Basin at Snowbird Utah - Jeff from Shaggy's

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