Crafted in Northern MI, Skied Worldwide

For New Year's 2020 week, half of the Shaggy's Crew drove out to the East Coast for a week of ski demos in New England! Our second demo stop was Wildcat Mountain, NH.

Wildcat Mountain Ski Demo

After a day of freeskiing at Sunday River, we set off for our ski demo event at Wildcat Mountain, New Hampshire. The views from Wildcat were iconic with Mount Washington directly across Highway 16. While it's typically very windy at Wildcat, the wind dialed itself down almost entirely just as soon as we finished setting up our tents and anchoring them down thoroughly.

Mount Washington from Wildcat

The skiing was great with some leftover powder from the storm two days prior as well as firm groomers, and soft bumps! The ski of the day at Wildcat Mountain was the Ahmeek 105 (no surprise there!) and we were excited to hear from people coming from all over New England just to demo a pair of Shaggy's!

Demo Skis at Wildcat Mountain

As the day progressed, ambassador Nick Ford explored the mountain and found a few drops to test out his new Brockway 95s.

Cliff Drops at Wildcat Mountain - Cliff Drops Skiing the East

The stiff tail of the Brockways maximized his edge grip, especially nice for some of the signature New England ice that we discovered throughout the trip.

East Coast Skiing - Shaggy's Skis

 We'd like to send a huge thank you to Wildcat Mountain for having us out! Check them out at

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