End of Summer Shop Update

So it's now the end of Summer 2013 and it sure has been a busy one. We have been doing everything from putting together new machines, to putting up new walls, and to expanding our woodshop to double its size. For those of you who ordered during the Summer Presale, thanks for your early support and your skis are our number one priority! We are pressing them as I type this and we cannot wait to get them into your hands. We have made a number of key improvements to make 2013-14 our best year yet. First off, we introduced custom skis for public availability. This was a huge decision for us and we ultimately knew we were ready for that step, our in house CNC equipment, new presse, and new grinding equipment will allow you the best quality custom skis at an affordable price. Another change was increasing our sidewall width by 50% for even more bomber durability! We have never used huge sidewalls for the reason some of our competitors have, alignment during pressing. While many manufacturers simply attach a 1/2" to 3/4" sidewall on the core and leave a lot of room for shifting during pressing, we will not allow that in our factory. We use CNC milled aluminum cassettes (molds) for each ski that perfectly center your wood core and sidewalls on top of the base for exceptionally low tolerances. Our decision to increase the sidewall width was twofold, first we can protect the woodcore from impact, water, etc better, and second to allow for a larger sidewall bevel to reduce swing weight on park/jib models. Yet another change was to move to the best, most durable topsheet money can buy. It will hold up better, chip less, and look great for years to come! Now that I've told you about some of our changes and updates, check out the pictures and see what we've been up to yourself! You can always find us on Facebook here where we continually post updates!' Oh and one last thing I almost forgot... We are in the beginning stages of launching another product line! What is is? drumroll please....... Longboards! There are a few sneak peeks in the photos but keep checking here and on our Facebook page to see this new line that we are extremely excited to launch! [gallery columns="2" ids="1496,1497,1495,1499,1492,1494,1501,1500,1502"]

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