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Crafted in Northern MI, Skied Worldwide

Carbon Fiber Skis vs Fiberglass Skis - Skis Handmade in the USA


Our standard layup construction includes a select cut Ash hardwood core wrapped with triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber stringers under the core. The carbon stringers are used in increase pop and rebound energy in the ski, while complementing the predictable and torsionally rigid feel of the triaxial fiberglass.

Which Construction Should I Get?

The standard layup is best suited for the majority of skiers, it blends the traditional hardwood core with an energetic feel. Skis utilizing this construction perform virtually the same as their Pure Carbon counterpart. Best for all mountain skiing with limited backcountry touring.


Our Pure Carbon construction includes an ultra lightweight biaxial Carbon Fiber (+-45 deg. orientation) coupled with a slightly heavier uni-directional Carbon Fiber. A full Carbon model allows for an exceptionally lightweight and responsive ski. The exceptionally high strength and stiffness of the Carbon Fiber allows us to use a lightweight Poplar wood core, that is Select Cut in Northern Michigan. For maximum binding screw retention, we mill out the core and place an extra retention plate in the binding area. Average weight savings versus their standard counterpart is 1.6 - 1.8 LB/Pair.

Which Construction Should I Get?

The pure carbon layup is best suited for the skier looking to often use the ski for backcountry touring where the weight savings allows for more climbing. Skis utilizing this construction perform virtually the same as their standard counterpart, however have a significant weight savings.

*Please note that due to the opacity of Carbon Fiber skis with this construction will not have "clear windows" into the core as on some models. The windows will instead show the carbon fiber on top of the wood core. Alternatively, and based on availability you may specify to have your graphic printed on a lightweight matte finish white material. Ski graphics with "windows" to see the core, will be white instead.