Norman Berge
Years Skiing: 12 Location: Harbor Springs, MI Ski O' Choice: 180 Ahmeek 105 Current Ski Area: Boyne Mountain Best Day Of Skiing: WITH THE BOYS!!      
Nick Ford
Years Skiing: 20 Location: Andover, NH Ski O' Choice: Ahmeek 105 - 180 cm Current Ski Area: New England Best Day Of Skiing: YES! 
Elly Pascoe
  Years Skiing: 23 Location: Harbor Springs, MI Ski O' Choice: 168 Medora 105  Current Ski Area: Boyne Mountain Best Day Of Skiing: Making first tracks at “The Chutes” at Mt. Rose. The gates opened at 2 PM on a perfect bluebird Tahoe day, revealing waist-deep powder.  ...
Logan Stanley
  Years Skiing: 20 Location: Boyne City, MI Ski O' Choice: 174 Ahmeek 115 (Pure Carbon) Current Ski Area: Boyne Mountain Best Day Of Skiing: A DEEP ONE!!!  
Darrin Bergman
  Years Skiing: 9 Location: Marquette, MI Ski O' Choice: Ahmeek 105 Current Ski Area:  Da Upper Penninsula (Michigan) Best Day Of Skiing: Christmas Day 2018, foot of snow at Boyne Mountain! Got to skip the presents and get some pow laps with the...
Dan Fredricks
  Years Skiing: Lots Location: Grand Rapids, MI "Westside" Ski O' Choice: 180 Ahmeek 105 Flat tail special Current Ski Area: Wherever the bull-wheel no longer turns... Best Day Of Skiing: God has blessed me with many great days on the slopes but I’ve found...
Collin Rehm
Years Skiing: 10 Location:  Jackson, WY Ski O' Choice: 180 Ahmeek 115 Current Ski Area: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Best Day Of Skiing: 50 and sunny skiing a perfect line of big jumps. 
Seth Shuster
Years Skiing: 19 Location: Marquette, MI Ski O' Choice: 170 Sarge 95 Current Ski Area: Marquette Mountain Best Day Of Skiing: Everyday!