2013-14 Lineup Released

June 25, 2013 1 min read

We are proud to announce our new lineup for 2013-14. This year we are bring in an all new slalom skis, an all mountain GS ski (both in multiple sizes), expanded sizing options, and are now offering custom skis! We are especially excited to offer semi and full custom skis to the public this year. This was not a light decision, we know it will involve much more time per pair and some very busy designers, but we strive to make you happier on the snow than ever and this was the next step. We have been in development for this for the past 4 years, perfecting our process. When you order a pair of custom skis from us, know you will be happier on the snow than ever! Take some time, look around the new site, check out the Presale (40% off!), and get stoked for the coming season (yes we know it's still June!). -Jeff Thompson, Product Designer

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