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Brockway 90 - Tribal

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25 reviews
Ash/Poplar Core
nanoMAG Damping
17.5m @ 180cm
Flat Tail

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2 Year Warranty

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All Mountain On Trail
Snow Types
Groomed, Crud/Variable, Ice, Spring Corn, Powder (<6 in)
Open Runs/Trails, Bowls, Moguls
Stiff, smooth, and energetic

Brockway 90


The middle child of the Brockway family strikes a perfect balance across a range of conditions. Push hard into the ski, and the stiff flex will rocket you out of each turn and into the next. On anything from ice to corduroy, the edge grip is rock solid and confidence inspiring. Crud and slush are handled with ease thanks to the versatile 90 mm waist width, and the wide shovel will plane over light (<6 in) powder. Without a doubt, the Brockway 90 is the ultimate do-it-all frontside weapon for aggressive pilots. 


Brockway 90 Camber Rocker Skis Tech Specs

Length (cm) Dimensions (mm) Turning Radius (m) Mounting Setback (cm) Weight (g/ski)
186 133-90-114 18.75-20.6
-9 2025
180 133-90-114 17.5 - 19.25 -9 1920
174 133-90-114 16.25 - 17.9 -9 1820
168 133-90-114 15.2 - 16.7 -9 1765
162 133-90-114 14.2 - 15.6 -9 1700


  • Tip rocker eases turn initiation and busts through crud.
  • Flat tail with minimal rise provides pop out of turns.
  • Camber pockets molded within the overall camber triple the turn initiation contact points for maximum edge grip on hardpack.
  • Hybrid core construction combines ash and poplar hardwoods with carbon fiber and burly triaxial fiberglass for a smooth and stable, yet energetic ride.
  • nanoMAG® Damping System makes chatter on ice and choppy groomers a thing of the past.
  • Rounded mini-cap top edge with full-height UHMW sidewalls are bombproof and provide a sleek look.

Build Notes

Ride Notes: Feels like a precise tool that can be pushed to its limits and still perform. Makes turns with the agility of a narrower ski, but breaks through the variable snow like a bigger ski.

Design Needs: Glued-to-the-snow feeling edge grip - stiff flex - snappy flex yet damp and smooth.

Purpose: Make an all mountain ski that can be driven like a race ski, but excel in a wide variety of conditions. Radius should split the difference between a slalom and GS ski. Give the ski enough backbone so everything you put in, you get out - make them a ski to be driven!

Jeff Thompson - Ski Designer

Jeff Thompson

Skier Level: Expert | Brockway 90 Length: 180cm | Height: 5'10"

Common Questions

What length should I get?

The Brockway 90 has a rockered tip and a stiff flex. If you are between lengths, size up for stability at speed or size down for quicker turns. Check out our size chart for more info.

What bindings should I get?

You can use any binding on the Brockway 90 as long as the brake width is at least 90 mm wide. We run Marker Griffon bindings on our demo skis. Visit your local ski shop for bindings and mounting.

What can I customize?

Just about anything from graphics to construction! Build your own custom pair at
See all the options at
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Are they tuned and waxed?

Skis come tuned with a 1° base edge bevel and a 2° side edge bevel and a slight tip/tail detune. The skis are waxed with a universal temperature wax to get you going.

Premium Materials

Laminated ash/poplar hardwood: Long grain premium white ash and tulip poplar is hand selected and cut into full-length strips. Strips are individually flex indexed and laminated together symmetrically. Each laminated core is CNC milled to a precise thickness profile developed for each model and length.

nanoMAG® magnesium sheets are inlaid into the wood cores. The unique characteristic of this material is its ability to dissipate mechanical energy into heat, with increased capacity as the material is moved faster.

Unidirectional carbon fiber strips below the core, lightweight triaxial fiberglass above and below the core, fiberglass binding mat underfoot. Rubber bonding strips placed along edges, sidewalls, and ends for rock solid bonding.

Bio-Based Epoxy
Entropy Super Sap® epoxy contains 28% bio-based content and is specifically designed for skis. It's formulated for high-strength and impact resistance, which creates a durable, tough, and lightweight composite.

Full-height UHMW - the same raw material as your base, bombproof and double chamfered for reduced swingweight. A rounded mini-cap top edge rolls over the sidewall to protect your topsheets.

Clearview Textured Matte Nylon with sublimated graphics and transparent windows to the wood core.

Base + Edge
1.4 mm CNC Knife Cut 4001 Race Grade Durasurf sintered UHMW. 2.2 mm over-sized and heat treated edges take a beating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
AJ Riccobono
Height: 5ft11
Ski Length: 186
Primary Ski Area: Rock snowpark, little Switzerland, Nordic
A solid Midwest ski

The brockway 90s absolutely rip through crud and soft snow like it’s nothing. The build quality is amazing, you can tell how much effort goes into these skis. I highly recommend these for any skier who loves to carve but also wants to play in conditions that aren’t ideal.

Jon Gohl
Height: 5'9"
Ski Length: 108cm
Primary Ski Area: The Ice Coast
The one ski to rule the East

I just finished 60,000+ vertical feet at Tremblant that started with mostly hard pack, snowed 8" the second day, and spent the third day riding bumps, chasing pow in the trees, and laying trenches on groomers. My Brockway 90's ate it all. There's nothing like carving some soft crud right into a patch of ice and being able to get an edge in with no drama.

Tom H
Height: 5’11
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: East
Amazing Skis

Given the less than ideal conditions in the East this year, the Brockways are simply amazing in gripping the ice and ripping through crud. I’ve never had a ski that holds an edge so well.

David Kniivila
Height: 5’11”
Ski Length: 180
Primary Ski Area: Mt Brighton
Amazing skis

Put over 120 miles or 105k of vertical on the Brockway 90s this season. These skis handle everything I threw at them from icy beer league runs(both GS and S) to fresh pow out in Lake Tahoe. The harder you push them the more fun they are.

Joe Schweihofer
Exceeded expectations

I’m a bigger guy and I contacted shaggys for advice. The sent me to the Brockway 95 180. I love them. I skied them on over 275 runs last year between Michigan and Colorado. The skis handle the corduroy and powder (8”-12”) awesome. The harder I rode them the better they performed! I bought these skis without a demo and I do not regret the purchase. I’ll be buying more if I ever need too.